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shamil ayntrazi

ABSTRACT Once it is planned to extract offshore energy, then it is wise to explore all available offshore renewable energies and devise a system for maximum energy extraction and utilization of the respective sea surface area. This leads to installing a Coordinated Offshore Energy Extraction system as shown in Figure-8 to extract energy from the following offshore renewable energy sources: I. Wave Energy Extraction where Potential and Kinetic energies are extracted. a. Potential Energy is extracted using Buoyant Floats to directly drive fluid pumps or electric generators. b. Kinetic Energy is extracted using water turbines installed below lowest instantaneous sea level at the wave Lee Side to directly drive fluid pumps or electric generators to extract energy from the Lee side of the wave. c. The small quantity of fluid at high head is collected and fed into a Closed Circuit turbo generator. d. The electric power generated by the Closed Circuit turbo generators is 3-phase AC using variable speed Isosync. Generators; connected in parallel and fed to an offshore step up transformer for power transmission to the shore. II. Tidal Energy is extracted by means of water turbines driving a fluid pump or electric generator. III. Wind Energy using medium size wind turbines (1.5MW), and transferring the torque from the Nacelle at the top of the WT support to the electric generator installed at a dry deck. Suitable for Offshore and Land installation. IV. Solar Energy using the roof of the offshore "Construction Unit" to install PV cells where DC current is generated and fed to a common bus and inverted to AC voltage and fed to a step up transformer. V. Deep Sea Cold Water for use as Air Conditioning medium (SWAC). Injecting compressed air into the top section of a deep water pipe develops a positive head at the cold water intake at 800m below MSL and forces the cold water up the pipe where it is de-aerated and pumped as cold water to Air Handling Units. VI. A "Construction Unit" fixed and anchored to the sea bed provides a dry deck and enclosed space for all equipment needed for the COEE system.

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