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Whilrwind Energy

Compact (1M to 0.5M), Light Weight (<20k), Fully Modular & Customizable VAWT witn an estimated 5000k/W year output Product Highlights/Unique Features: * 4 independent turbines and 16 generators operating in tandem within a very compact space, each generator with potential to produce output of a turbine of similar size currently available in the market * It was possible to incorporate such a high number of generators due to our new & unique generator design. The standard turbine generator has both the magnets and copper coil wire contained within the same vessel and utilize a crankshaft to transform motion to energy. In our own design, magnets and copper coil wire are contained within two separate vessels (hallow subservient rings) and turbine blades are directly placed in between one pair of such rings and therefore able to operate without a crank shaft and addociated loss of efficiency

Mailing Address:
215 Spadina Ave, Suite 120
Toronto, ON M5S 2R5

Tel: 647-765 5545

Fax: 416-979 3936



Company Category: Solar & Wind

Geographic Region: Canada - East

Company Sector: Manufacturing

Keywords: Whirlwind Energy, Alternative Energy Solutions

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