GameChange Solar Validates 40-Year Maintenance-Free Design of Genius Tracker™ Drive System Through Accelerated Testing

Linear actuators help lower the Levelized Cost of Energy

GameChange Solar (GCS), a leading global supplier of solar tracking solutions for ground-mounted PV plants, announced that recent testing indicates that its Genius Tracker drive system has an expected 40-year design life with no expected maintenance requirements. The drive system was tested as part of the company's 40-year accelerated life cycle testing for the entire Genius Tracker structure. The accelerated lifecycle testing was performed in conformance with the Accelerated Mechanical Cycling section of the IEC 62817 standard. The results demonstrate the potential for decades of reliable performance, resulting in reduced maintenance costs and a lower Levelized Cost of Energy (LCOE) for our customers.

The key to the low-maintenance design of the Genius Tracker drive system lies in its linear actuator, which is self-contained and is expected not to require regreasing over the product design life. This results in significantly lower operations and maintenance costs compared to traditional drive systems with grease ports, which helps improve the cost competitiveness of ground-mounted PV plants.

"Traditional drives that require regular greasing increase maintenance expenses," said Derick Botha, chief commercial officer at GameChange Solar. "Testing of our Genius Tracker drive system indicates that its design significantly reduces, and possibly eliminates, the need for any greasing throughout its design life. This feature improves the cost savings that our Genius Tracker product provides to customers."

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GameChange is a leading global provider of solar tracker solutions used in utility-scale and ground-mounted distributed generation solar projects around the world. We have delivered over 26 GW of solar tracker and fixed tilt systems that combine fast installation, bankable quality, and unbeatable value through superior engineering, innovative design, and high-volume manufacturing. Our products enable solar panels at power plants to follow the sun's movement across the sky and optimize plant performance while also protecting the array from damaging weather conditions.

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