(Victoria, BC) SPS Energy Solutions a company based in Victoria, BC that specializes in solar electric power has been given a BC government grant of $300,000 to develop and launch a “Solar 4 Schools” program.

The $300,000 in grant money will go towards the development of Internet based performance data displays, and to install 10kW systems at Fort Nelson Secondary School and Vernon Secondary School. This program will see a countrywide network of schools with rooftop solar installations providing green electricity.

The Honourable Richard Neufeld and the BC Ministry of Energy and Mines have provided financial support for this project, which includes live data for other schools to see on a BC government web site. “Ultimately we’d like hundreds of schools across Canada participating in this program with systems of their own on their roofs” says Egles. “We are very pleased that Mr. Neufeld and the Ministry of Energy and Mines has offered to fund the program start-up and launch the first 2 schools.”

Solar electric power is not new, and has been used for remote power for over 2 decades. Solar electricity is pollution free, with no noise or greenhouse gases, and solar panels have a long life – 25 years or more. “Solar systems on buildings in Canada will be commonplace within 10 years” predicts David Egles, President of SPS Energy Solutions. “Solar energy is abundant, and delivered right to the roof of the school free of charge. The leading edge technology we are installing will demonstrate the potential for a school, or any building for that matter, to generate part of its own power needs.”

The first installation will be made on the Fort Nelson Secondary School in May 2005. The solar system will generate about 10,000 kWhrs of electricity per year – enough to light 3 classrooms, run 50 computers or an average household. The greenhouse gas offsets are equivalent to planting 7.5 acres of forest.

“‘The Solar 4 Schools’ program has a goal of increasing awareness of renewable energy alternatives at the grass roots” says Egles. “Students will see how easily solar can be harnessed for electricity. We hope they will carry this message to their parents and the community, or maybe one day pursue a career in alternate energy.”

SPS Energy Solutions has over 15 years of technical and engineering experience, and one of the widest selections of renewable energy products. SPS Energy’s strengths are designing and building engineered systems to power remote sites for industrial applications, as well as kits for RV and remote homes. With offices across North America, SPS Energy Solutions has created its success on a combination of a dedicated dealer network, developing in-house engineering and manufacturing capabilities, and becoming the master distributor for world-class companies. SPS Energy Solutions has installed power systems across Canada to run lighthouses, parks facilities and to power cottages or homes.

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