Soma 1000 wind turbine from Energy Matters

Rugged durability - Soma wind turbines have been manufactured since 1978. The company has a design philosophy of mechanical simplicity and rugged durability

Enough power for lights, radio, television, fan, water pump, kitchen appliances, microwave oven, washing machine, high efficiency DC refrigeration, power tools and more, depending on the average wind speed. Soma wind generators are the ideal source of power for telecommunications and scientific equipment.

Rugged durability - Soma wind turbines have been manufactured since 1978. The company has a design philosophy of mechanical simplicity and rugged durability.

All components are made from high quality materials to withstand long-term wear and fatigue. Corrosion protection is a high priority.

The blades are constructed using a hollow moulded fibreglass technique that is unique to Soma turbines.

Performance - Large rotor diametres ensure high efficiency in light to moderate wind speeds.

The brushless, permanent magnet alternators used on all Soma machines are designed to produce a power curve that matches the output of the 2 bladed rotor while operating at optimal tip speed ratios.

Simple installation - Installation can be carried out by following the instructions in the manual provided. It should take two people no more than two days to complete.

Feathering mechanism - The tilt back action relieves pressure on the wind generator and tower in strong winds. This is a fail-safe design with mechanical simplicity.

A hydraulic dampener limits the feathering action in gusty wind conditions.

Control panel - Soma wind turbine is supplied complete with a voltage regulated control panel and dump load. If using wind turbine to charge batteries, excess power is burnt off as heat when the batteries are fully charged.

The Soma 1000 features a tapered charge regulator which progressively reduces the supply of current to the battery as it reaches full charge. By adjusting the control dial the upper voltage can be reset to enable equalisation charging.

Solar hybrid option - The wind turbine can be used in conjunction with solar panels to create a hybrid system.

Such a system provides a more consistent supply of power and is less affected by variations in wind and solar levels.

Warranty - Soma wind turbines are guaranteed to be free of any defects in materials and workmanship for a period of one year.

Soma has a long-standing reputation for providing complete back-up and service facilities if required.

* Rated output: 1000 watts
* Peak output: 1200 watts
* Cut-in wind speed: 3.5 m/s
* Rated wind speed: 10 m/s
* Max design wind speed: 50 m/s
* Feathering mechanism: Tilt-up
* Rotor diameter: 2.7 m
* Number of blades: 2 blades
* Operating speeds: 250 - 800 rpm
* Survival wind speed: 180km/h (50m/s)
* Blade construction: GRP
* Alternator type: Permanent magnet 3 phase
* Voltage: 24, 48 or 110 volts
* Controller: Mosfet switching
* Shipping volume: 0.15 cubic metres
* Shipping weight: 50 kg.

19.5m Tilt tower kit included:

Tower specifications:

* Height: 19.5m
* Base dimensions: 13.8m x 13.8m
* Outside foundations: 0.7 x 0.7 x 0.7m
* Centre foundation: 1 x 1 x 0.25m deep

Tower benefits:

* No climbing
* No towing
* Safe
* Anti-corrosion
* Simple installation and maintenance

Tower features:

* Tower tilts down to the ground
* Bi-directional brake winch
* Hot dip galvanised
* Supplied as kit without poles (poles available upon request at an additional cost).

The Soma 1000 can be sited up to 750 metres away from the tower if 110 volts is used.

The Tower kit included utilises 3 lengths of pipe to form a tower (excludes mast and gin pole). The wind turbine is assembled on the ground and is raised with the hinged tower.

The Soma 1000 wind generator is available from Energy Matters.

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