New windNavigator® Compass from AWS Truewind Enables Access to Comprehensive Wind Prospecting Data

AWS Truewind, LLC, an international leader in renewable energy consulting, today introduced windNavigator® Compass, an intuitive Web-based tool that grants instant access to the company's comprehensive and accurate renewable resource data.

New windNavigator® Compass from AWS Truewind Enables One-Click Access to Comprehensive Wind Prospecting Data for Advanced Analysis

Intuitive Compass Interface Speeds Site Qualification without Sacrificing the Need for Granular Assessment Reports to Satisfy the Needs of Today's Renewable Energy Developer

ALBANY, NY—April 8, 2010—AWS Truewind, LLC, an international leader in renewable energy consulting, today introduced windNavigator® Compass, an intuitive Web-based tool that grants instant access to the company's comprehensive and accurate renewable resource data. Designed to significantly expedite wind site qualification and project management efforts with its advanced analysis capabilities, the Compass seamlessly integrates with AWS Truewind's industry-leading wind prospecting and resource analysis application, windNavigator.

Today's renewable energy project developers are faced with a number of policy, financing and site evaluation variables that need to be addressed in order to start and complete a new wind project. Many developers are caught between the project finance, site qualification and resource assessment requirement of incredibly accurate, comprehensive and granular assessment data and the need to rapidly commission a project to take advantage of an uncertain tax credit environment. Several factors challenge the speed and accuracy of wind prospecting, namely, relying on manual calculations of wind speed distribution and wind rose, the uncertainty of a prospective wind project location's true potential, unqualified business leads, inaccurate project prioritization, and poor or outdated data sources from the Web.

To alleviate these daunting barriers, AWS Truewind arms professional wind developers—from utility-scale to advocacy groups—with accurate, science-based intelligence to drive smarter project decisions and more quickly satisfy a number of policy requirements. Within the windNavigator map window, Compass subscribers can instantly interact with data on nine essential site characteristics—location speed, display height, latitude and longitude, elevation, roughness, Weibull A & k factors, mean power density, wind rose and monthly speed distribution—to determine whether or not prospecting goals can be met.

"The windNavigator Compass combines the accuracy of AWS Truewind's market-leading windTrends dataset with the most comprehensive collection of site characteristics available," said Bryon Phelps, product manager at AWS Truewind. "Subscribers also benefit from receiving our data in 2.5 km high resolution. We give them the quality and combination of tools they need to make quick decisions on site opportunities with a high level of confidence."

windNavigator Compass users can hone in on key characteristics like prevailing wind direction and monthly speed distribution to discover the true development potential of a specific site, prioritize the opportunity, and allocate appropriate resources—all with minimal time or effort required. This, in turn, supports confident siting and development decision making by significantly reducing risk and uncertainty. windNavigator also offers customers the unique ability to conduct further analyses with advanced reports or GIS data.

"As a strategic partner to more than 200 renewable energy project developers, financiers, utilities and government institutions, AWS Truewind prides itself on taking customer feedback from every point in the wind project value chain and incorporating it into our solutions," said Amber Trendell, director of sales and marketing at AWS Truewind. "We really pride ourselves on developing products and services that meet the needs of our customers to help speed project finance and approval, while ensuring long-term energy production that meets or exceeds forecasts. We are confident our subscribers will be able to make smarter, faster decisions on resource allocation and prioritization with the new windNavigator Compass."
windNavigator is AWS Truewind's primary platform for delivering its information-rich products. Initially released in 2008 as an efficient, user-friendly prospecting and initial wind resource assessment tool, windNavigator quickly became the go-to resource for energy developers and government planners looking to locate and confirm attractive wind development sites.
In response to positive feedback and requests for additional wind assessment products, AWS Truewind developed the windNavigator Siting and Assessment module to support the evolving needs of current users and industry leaders. From small wind installers to utility-scale developers, utilities, manufacturers, government agencies, academic, non-profit and advocacy groups, the high-resolution solutions available through windNavigator provide a level of confidence unparalleled by other commercially available wind resource tools.
For more information on windNavigator, please visit View a short video on the windNavigator Compass. The windNavigator team will be hosting a webinar to demonstrate the Compass on April 13 and 14, 2010. Register today.

windNavigator Compass is now included in all Prospector and Developer subscription packages through windNavigator Siting and Assessment. A menu of subscription package options for windNavigator high resolution wind reports, maps and data is available here. Those interested in upgrading to the Prospector or Developer subscription packages should contact the windNavigator support team at +1-877-899-3463.
AWS Truewind, LLC
AWS Truewind has been an international leader in renewable energy consulting for over 25 years. Our suite of integrated services and innovative products support the full project lifecycle from resource mapping (windNavigator®, MesoMap®, WindSurvey), energy assessment and project engineering (SiteWind®, openWind®) to due diligence, performance evaluation and power production forecasting (eWind®). Our professional staff possesses in-depth knowledge and experience in all phases of project development which ensures a consistent, integrated solution. AWS Truewind is online at

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