Standstill at the flick of a switch: rotor-lock systems by Optima

Safe and convenient inspection and maintenance of wind turbines with hydraulic and electromechanical lock systems / Suitable for on- and offshore wind power stations

When speaking of renewable energy, wind power stations are among the first images that will probably visualize before your mind's eye. It is hard to imagine nature's power that the rotors of those towering promises of a clean future are exposed to. Seemingly slowly but steadily the rotors of the turbines are turning round and round - the perfect scenario for the generation of electricity. But when maintenance works or repairs have to be carried out, this can become a major challenge. In this case, rotor blades turning at a top speed of up to 300 km/h have to be slowed down and secured. The hydraulic and electromechanical rotor-lock systems produced by Optima Spanntechnik GmbH have been developed for exactly this scenario. Inspection and maintenance works on medium-sized and large wind power stations can thus be carried out safely and thoroughly.

More than 40 years of experience make Optima Spanntechnik GmbH a competent and reliable partner for companies from all kinds of fields, from the car industry or the automotive supply industry to press manufacturers. As one of the leading manufacturers of clamping systems for presses and special machines Optima is now exploring new terrain and applying its extensive know-how to the pioneering segment of hydraulic and electromechanical rotor-lock systems for wind turbines. True to its company philosophy, Optima always vouches for extraordinary quality and a comprehensive service.

Optima's systems are suitable for locking rotors of medium-sized and large wind power stations with a performance of up to 6 MW. The elements are available in a standard or an offshore version. It is their compact and low-maintenance setup that makes these components so special. The principle of locking rotors is relatively simple: depending on whether the hydraulic or the electromechanical system is used, a piston working as locking mechanism is pushed into the notch in the brake disc of the rotor by oil pressure or by an electric motor. In the hydraulic rotor-lock system HRV, a double-acting hydraulic cylinder moves the piston forwards and backwards. The check valves and the manually operated mechanical latches are additional options which serve as a second backup.

Optima Spanntechnik offers customers the HRV rotor locks with bolt diameters ranging from 120 mm (HRV 120-50) to 240 mm (HRV 240-80). Depending on the type, the components are designed for lateral forces of up to 4,000 KN. The final positions of the locking element are indicated by two mechanical feelers and can be visualized by means of the machine control. That way, the operator can tell the status of the system at first sight. The HRV components resist corrosion and can be used in temperatures ranging from -30° C to +60° C.

The electromechanical rotor locks from the design series ERV are positioned by an electric motor. The advantage of this system is that is does without oil-carrying ducts. It is equipped with a self-locking feature and all functions can be monitored conveniently. In the standard version, the electromechanical rotor-lock system (ERV 240-80) is available with a bolt diameter of 240 mm and designed for lateral forces of up to 4,000 KN. As in the hydraulic system, two mechanical feelers operate the system. An inductive proximity switch indicates the predefined pressure that the piston exerts on the rotor disc.

But that is not all: customers with specific requirements in the rotor-lock systems of their wind power stations can approach the team of Optima Spanntechnik with their need for tailor-made solutions on the basis of the two above-mentioned systems. Optima boasts the entire spectrum of project management services - from intensive consultation to retrofitting and modifying already existing turbines. Thanks to a close-knit network of representatives all over the globe, customers can rely on having even elaborate special solutions delivered to their doorstep - without lengthy delivery times.

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About Optima Spanntechnik:
Thanks to more than 40 years of experience, Optima Spanntechnik is one of the leading manufacturers of clamping systems for presses and special machines. International customers from all kind of industries rely on the know-how of the technicians and engineers from Scheuerfeld in the Westerwald mountain range. By including hydraulic and electromechanical rotor-lock systems for wind turbines in its portfolio, Optima Spanntechnik is breaking new ground and aiming at winning new customers in this pioneering market by offering extraordinary quality and a comprehensive service.

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