AlsoEnergy PowerTrack™ Software Streamlines Business Processes with New Reporting and Collaboration Features

New features offer the solar industry's most advanced customizable application for on-demand portfolio reporting and financial analysis

Boulder, Colo. – March 14, 2012 – Today, AlsoEnergy, a leader in renewable energy monitoring and portfolio management software, announced several new reporting and collaboration enhancements to its cloud-based PowerTrack™ Energy Management Services software. The newest features allow developers and investors in solar energy systems to create performance models and compare operation between sites and models to quickly detect underperforming components and generate better system returns.

"PowerTrack is designed for solving real-world business problems, such as the need for interpreting site operational and financial performance data," said AlsoEnergy's CEO Robert Schaefer. "With integrated modeling, reporting, invoicing and charting, we have created the industry's most customizable advanced reporting software."

The new features and enhancements include:

Individual Utility Billing Integration: Users can integrate individual real-time utility rate schedules with different time of day charges. This provides more accurate predictive analysis data platform on which developers and financiers can establish invoicing. Coupled with real-time local utility rate data across multiple regions, the financial reporting for the entire portfolio also becomes more accurate. PPA providers can now automatically invoice for production based on actual utility rates, including demand reduction benefits.

Detailed Modeling: PowerTrack can create interactive reports including production and consumption comparisons, demand reduction, actual revenue versus predicted revenue and live performance data. These features make it easier to compare the predicted values to the actual performance level in terms of both energy and finance, and allow for better resource utilization for addressing maintenance issues.

Dynamic Dashboards: Users can create custom dashboards - collections of reports from multiple sites on a single screen - displaying their reports exactly how they want. Additionally, AlsoEnergy's new dashboards allow users to graphically display real-time performance data down to the individual module level, allowing users to quickly identify performance issues.

Beyond these reporting features, PowerTrack pairs with PowerLobby™, a customizable marketing display for end-users that can show data such as sun tracking, number of KWh saved, information about the end-user's sustainability goals or other customer-oriented messaging.

"Our continuous software updates support the growing trend of commercial renewable energy development and investment that crosses international borders," Schaefer said.

AlsoEnergy currently monitors more than 900 solar power sites in 15 countries around the world including the United States, Canada, Korea, India, Italy, Germany, Mexico, Slovakia, France, UAE, Australia, Spain and Greece. For more information about PowerTrack Energy Management Services, visit

About AlsoEnergy

AlsoEnergy develops the highest-value asset management and energy monitoring software solutions. AlsoEnergy reduces risk, improves energy supply transparency, reduces electricity demand, and brings strategic vision to the global energy marketplace by providing online access to critical cost, production and consumption data through the industry's most complete client-customizable web application. For information, visit

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