Xtreme Power Celebrates First Anniversary at Kahuku Wind

Power management and energy storage prove to be major asset to wind farm

OAHU, Hawaii--Xtreme Power Inc., developer and manufacturer of Dynamic Power Resource® (DPR®) digital power management and energy storage solutions, celebrated the one-year anniversary of its largest installed project to date. Since its commissioning in March 2011, the 15 MW DPR operating on First Wind's 30 MW Kahuku Wind project has cumulatively charged and discharged more than 1.9 GWh of energy – equivalent to the amount of energy consumed by approximately 190 average homes for an entire year.

First Wind selected the Dynamic Power Resource for its ability to smooth output from Kahuku Wind to within plus or minus 1 MW per minute, absorbing or releasing power as needed to deliver a steady supply of clean power to the Hawaiian Electric Company's (HECO) electrical grid. In one instance, a voltage loss along the transmission line to which Kahuku Wind is interconnected, caused an instantaneous loss of approximately 14 MW of power; within milliseconds, the DPR responded with enough power to make up for this loss and help stabilize the grid.

"Xtreme Power's energy storage system has proven to be an important component to facilitating more efficient operations at Kahuku Wind," said First Wind President Michael Alvarez. "Island-based grids are particularly vulnerable to output fluctuations from renewable energy projects, leading local utilities to impose penalties for ramp rates outside an acceptable range. Over the past year, the energy storage system has enabled the Kahuku Wind farm to meet its contractual performance obligations in accordance with specifications and the requirements of a power purchase agreement with HECO. That kind of track record allows wind power to easily integrate into the system."

In part due to the success of the Kahuku project, a new 10 MW Dynamic Power Resource is under construction and will be operating on First Wind's Maui-based wind farm, Kaheawa Wind Power II, by the middle of this year. With a growing portfolio of projects, Xtreme Power will leverage its operational experience to maintain its status as an industry leader in the grid-scale energy storage industry.

"The exceptional performance we've demonstrated at Kahuku Wind speaks volumes to the unique capabilities of our Dynamic Power Resource," said Xtreme Power President and CEO Alan J. Gotcher, Ph.D. "Our integrated, intelligent system technology offers customers an unparalleled opportunity to enhance the value of grid-tied renewable energy projects, as evidenced through our multiple collaborations with a major developer like First Wind. We look forward to celebrating our mutual successes for years to come."

About Xtreme Power

Xtreme Power provides scalable, real-time power management and energy storage solutions that enable a more sustainable, reliable and cost-effective electric grid. Xtreme Power's Dynamic Power Resource® combines customized real time controls and intelligent power electronics with efficient energy storage technology engineered specifically to the needs of its customers. Xtreme Power enables multiple participants and technologies to simultaneously operate on the electric grid providing new flexibility that has never before been possible. Xtreme Power is a US company backed by investors SAIL Capital Partners, Bessemer Venture Partners, The Dow Chemical Company, Fluor Corp., BP Alternative Energy, Dominion Resources, POSCO ICT, SkyLake & Co. and Spring Ventures, LLC.

For more information, please visit http://www.xtremepower.com.

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