Texas Renewables 2012 Unveils the Unified Energy System

Tools to Utilize Texas' Renewable Energy Potential Effectively

Austin, TX, November 2, 2012 – For over 28 years Texas Renewables Conferences have annually provided the nexus between all renewable energy sectors. This year, Texas Renewables 2012 coming December 10 – 13 at Lost Pines Resort in Lost Pines, TX focuses on a new vision of how renewable energy combined with plug in hybrids and smart homes and appliances can work together to create a reliable and affordable energy system.

The conference continues to be a catalyst for new strategies while providing a venue for forming valuable business-to-business alliances, networking and discovering the latest business opportunities. Texas Renewables 2012 conference is a must-attend event for renewable energy industry professionals, utility executives, investors, entrepreneurs, engineers, activists, and policymakers.

Fundamental shifts in how our society generates energy are happening globally. It is estimated 27 gigawatts of Solar PV was manufactured and installed in 2011 alone. Environmental imperatives, and political trends, with the economics of large-scale renewable energy production are converging in a fashion that will lead to a more complex integrated "Unified Energy System."

Texas Renewables 2012 is designed to address this transition and highlight the accomplishments of the Pecan Street Project where 200 of the 600 energy efficient smart homes are fitted with solar PV and over 120 of the homes support a plug in vehicle. The conference will provide a solid understanding of the forces at play to further the vision of a "Unified Energy System" and discuss strategies to sustain continued growth for the renewable energy sector.

Co-chairs Roger Duncan, former manager, Austin Energy and current president of Pecan Street Inc, and Michael Osborne, renewable energy visionary and author, designed this conference to provide:

*A new level of inspiration and insight through entertaining videos, debates, panels and Ted Talk style presentations

*A clear vision of shifts in solar pricing and how solar is about to become a dominant player in energy markets in the next decade, and what that means in associated opportunities and challenges

*A discussion of the realities of our ever-changing political environment and the tools to reduce partisanship within the energy industry

*An exploration of the new unified energy system horizon where energy sellers become buyers, buyers become sellers, and renewable energy competes with oil in the transportation sector.

Expect a faster paced conference embracing video and new technology formats designed to actively engage inspire and inform. "Now, perhaps more than ever, the quest for the "Unified Energy System" requires a unified renewable energy community," said Russel Smith, Executive Director, Texas Renewable Energy Industries Association (TREIA). "In the end it is our hope that participants will embrace the changes ahead and depart prepared to work together to seek opportunities across resource lines, and acknowledge and support the varied roles each sector must play in achieving the Unified Energy System."

This year's agenda offers top-notch executives, authors, and thought leaders from businesses, agencies and utilities in the forefront of this new energy paradigm featuring Conference Co-chairman Roger Duncan, former manager of Austin Energy and president of Pecan Street, Inc. along with Brewster McCracken, executive director of Pecan Street.

Other featured speakers and discussions include:

*Opening keynote: Peter Fox-Penner, Principal and Chairman,The Brattle Group

*Kate Galbraith, Writer and Journalist, The Texas Tribune, NYT

*S David Freeman, Former General Manager, Los Angeles Water & Power

*Heidi van Genderen, Director of Public Engagement, Office of the Secretary, U.S. Dept. of Energy

*Strategy for the upcoming Texas Legislative session.

*A spirited lunch debate on Distributed roof top solar vs. Utility Scale Solar

*Video features such as Abundance is our Future, Peter Diamandis

*Technical Breakout topics on critical issues related to Texas Renewable Energy development.

*Vision 2020 Dinner hosted by co-chairman Michael Osborne

*Exhibits, Webberville Solar Plant and Pecan Street Project Tour and more

Texas Renewables Conferences are organized by Texas Renewable Energy Industries Association (TREIA) which represents some 500 member companies, organizations, agencies and individuals providing products, services and information within Texas's growing renewable energy sector. Founded in 1984, TREIA is a key trade and advocacy organization headquartered in Austin, Texas. TREIA http://www.treia.org/ is the oldest renewable energy non-profit trade organization in Texas whose work promoting development of renewable resources and their wise use has spanned a quarter of a century. For more conference information on Texas Renewables 2012 go to www.TexasRenewables.org or call 830-997-2350.

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