ALT reaches a new height in safety with its PSE certification

ALT has proven itself to Japan, first by winning the GOOD DESIGN award earlier this year and now by getting PSE certification for its MR16 lights.

ALT has proven itself to Japan, first by winning the GOOD DESIGN award earlier this year and now by getting PSE certification for its MR16 lights. The addition of the PSE to ALT's growing list of achievements will only bolster ALT's determination to provide the best and safest LED lights. The MR16 has been one of ALT's most popular light, with unparalleled linear dimming, superb heat dissipation, and top of the line performance. However, the MR16 will not be the only light to make a splash this winter.

PSE represents the products adherence to Japan's safety regulations and specifications for electronic products. PSE is a way to verify whether or not a product has passed the rigorous trials to comply with the Electrical Appliance and Material Safety Law, which is in place to prevent hazards and disturbances resulting from electrical appliances. This means that products with the PSE logo on them are very safe and of quality. This is especially important for companies outside of Japan that are exporting to Japan.
The ALTLED MR16 LED light is revolutionary in every way, utilizing a unique heat sink design, proprietary linear dimming with zero-flicker, and CRI 95. This exquisitely designed light has been recognized throughout the world, being awarded several major tech designing awards, including the「M-Technology 」in 2009, 「iF Design」in 2010, 「RedDot」in 2011 and the 「GOOD DESIGN 」in 2012.
The ALTLED MR16 is widely recognized, being used in many places around the world, like the Four Seasons in Bangkok and the Plaza Anthene, through SGC Trading Co. The Plaza especially enjoys the flexibility of ALT's dimmable MR16 series, being able to use them in lobby lighting to room accents to adjusting the brightness to match the time of day. A manager mentioned "we're so amazed at how similar they appear to the traditional lights and yet we're saving so much energy. And the seamless dimming is really impressive; this was one of the major concerns we had about switching to LEDs."
James Liang, ALT's CEO, is extremely proud, saying that "this is a sign that the world is truly noticing the great strides ALT has been making in producing LED lights of the highest quality and safety. This achievement can be attributed to ALT's 'pursuit of perfection' mentality in the both the development and production of its products." ALT's pursuit of perfection has also led to the PAR30 downlight and high-performance streetlight series, both IP68 certified, being PSE approved in December.

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