Exosun and Schneider Electric in partnership for the development of advanced solar technologies

This collaboration between two French leaders contributes to the development of tomorrow's photovoltaic solutions in an international market.

Martillac (France), May 21st 2013 – While the government's policy directions confirm a willingness to promote an innovative French solar sector, Exosun, French expert in solar tracker technology for utility-scale ground-mounted photovoltaic plants, and Schneider Electric, a global specialist in energy management, sign an industrial partnership agreement. This collaboration between two French leaders contributes to the development of tomorrow's photovoltaic solutions in an international market.

Complementary technologies

The Exotrack HZ trackers, Exosun's flagship product, will integrate Schneider Electric motorized solutions. Thanks to the strong involvement of Exosun's product development engineering team, the solutions are specifically designed for the Exotrack HZ. Already tested and validated, they will equip approximately 120 MW of Exosun trackers for photovoltaic projects in France and the Mediterranean area.

The objectives of this partnership are to optimize the system's global performance, to ensure excellent reliability, and to improve the profitability of photovoltaic installations.

« We do our best to provide our clients with solar trackers of unequaled performance along with high quality supply and warranties for their ground-mounted solar plant projects. We are delighted about this partnership with Schneider Electric, a leading solar actor in power conversion, recognized for the quality of its solutions, and who commits to maintaining operating conditions for 20 years. This agreement marks the beginning of a long technological collaboration." declares Frédéric Conchy, President and Chief Executive Officer at Exosun.

Cooperation in Research and Development

Beyond the development of a motor dedicated to the Exotrack HZ, Schneider Electric and Exosun cooperate in defining standardized electric architecture designs with solar trackers, in order to offer optimized and competitive solutions.

The R&D works mainly concern the trackers interface with Schneider Electric's PVBox1, which will host the Exobox, Exosun's solar tracker drive box. It controls the tracking movement, the installation, and optimizes yield.

« By signing this partnership agreement, our will was to work in integrating Exosun trackers in a global and coherent electric architecture. By combining our know-how in the field of solar energy, we are now in the position to propose standardized, robust and competitive solutions. » concludes Ignace de Prest, Director of Renewable Energy Activities at Schneider Electric France.

The first deployment of solar farms benefiting from Exosun and Schneider Electric know-how have already begun in France and their international implementation are in the development phase.

1 The PV Box is an electric transformer substation, factory mounted, pre-cabled and ready to install. It is an integrated solution that has been tested and validated.

About Schneider Electric

Global specialist in energy management, present in more than 100 countries, Schneider Electric offers integrated solutions for numerous market segments. The group is a leader in the fields of Energy & Infrastructures, Industries & Constructors of machines, Non-residential buildings, Data centers and networks, as well as Residential. Mobilized to make energy safer, reliable, efficient, productive and clean, its over 140 000 employees achieved a 24 billion euro turnover in 2012 by engaging with individuals and organizations in order to help them make the best use of their energy.


About Exosun

Founded in 2007, Exosun provides global solutions for utility-scale photovoltaic plants equipped with solar trackers. As a leading solar engineering company, Exosun designs, develops and supplies a range of patented solar tracking systems with the lowest life-cycle cost on the market, delivered with a full range of associated engineering services. The company's mission is to optimize the cost of the solar kWh with the use of efficient, optimized solar tracking systems designed for PV and CPV solar installations. In parallel the company is highly involved in the R&D of concentrated solar systems for photovoltaic and thermodynamic applications.

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