The Square Rigger turbine sets sail.

Revolutionary small wind turbine incorporates sail technology.----- New furling sails design captures high levels of energy from low wind speeds.

Unique design incorporates automatic furling sail technology enabling it to overcome the inherent design and performance limitations of previous wind turbine designs.

The use of sail technology means the Square Rigger captures much higher levels of the available wind energy than turbines of similar size.

This is particularly important amid the increasing resistance within Government and the public to big wind turbines on the landscape.

The Square Rigger has a number of key design benefits being:

capable of high energy capture for its height (only 10 metres) and swept area;

effective in low wind speed ranges, the most common, becoming operational in just 3 metres per second of wind;

operational across a broader range of wind speeds than conventional turbine designs;

slow turning with low visual impact, no flicker whilst generating high torque;

quiet in operation with low environmental impact;

wildlife friendly, the company's first turbine order is to provide power to a medical clinic in a Kenyan game reserve;

able to carry a brand on its sails, thereby providing an additional revenue stream;

capable of blending with its environment by camouflaging the sails;

of a low cost modular design incorporating globally available off the shelf components and manufacturing techniques;

dual purpose, its ability to generate high torque allowing for flexible application of captured energy for either electricity generation or the provision of mechanical power, via a power take off, notably for pumping.

Square Rigger markets.

The Company sees huge potential demand, domestically and around the world, for on and off grid electricity production and for pumping applications in mining, agriculture for drainage and irrigation, water provision, treatment, management, aeration, fish farming, desalination, conservation and associated sectors.

Square Rigger performance data:

The Square Rigger's peak electrical output is 7 kilowatts and it will generate over 7,000 kilowatt hours per year at a low mean wind speed of just 5 metres per second;

when configured for direct mechanical power the Square rigger will pump in excess of 360 cubic meters per day at a mean wind speed of 8 metres per second;

the Square Rigger has undertaken trials with the UK MoD for providing renewable power to forward operating bases and the UK Coal Authority for providing a renewable energy wind pump for the management of contaminated water from mining.

About Tradewind Renewable Energy:

The Company was established in December 2009. Research and Development has been undertaken over three years both in-house and in conjunction with a knowledge Transfer Partnership (KTP) with Exeter University. Tradewind has been funded by a combination of: private equity; Cleantech matched loan funding; Springboard loan funding; and a Grant for Business Investment.

Strategic Partnerships.

The Company is currently seeking additional funding and joint venture partners/licensees domestically and overseas to facilitate large scale manufacture and sales of the Square Rigger.

Additional information.

Detailed design and technical information together with photographs and video can be found on the Company's website

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