Intermountain Wind and Solar Announces the Release of a New Monitoring System that Shows Real-Time Results of Solar Power in Salt Lake City

Intermountain Wind and Solar (IWS) is focusing on the education of renewable energy. With the success of their first community solar initiative, they have announced the release of a tracking system that allows audiences to view the work of energy panels in real-time.

Salt Lake City, Utah July 02, 2013

IWS is a leading provider for solar panels in Utah. Their energy efficient solutions for residential and commercial properties have helped thousands save money on their monthly power bill. IWS installs panels and wind turbines that are the most innovative and technologically advanced on the market. With their products, they have helped home and businesses owners state-wide shave money off of their monthly power bill while preserving the environment's natural resources. Now, with the combination of a real-time monitoring system, they are further demonstrating their dedication to the education of renewable resources.

IWS is providing solutions for people across the community and using their real-time monitors to demonstrate the power of renewable resources.

IWS is sensitive to the financial burdens a high energy bill can cost budget-conscious families. Choosing IWS solar installers in Utah provide many advantages including:

*Independence from the rising costs of energy

*Lowering the cost of owning a home

*Increasing the value of the home

*An ability to take advantage of energy related tax incentives

IWS is consistently trying to contribute new ideas to solar power in Salt Lake City. They realize that consumers are often hesitating to purchase something of this magnitude. In an effort to educate people on the power of renewable resources, IWS has implemented a community initiative. These classes provide a professional who knows the industry and can answer any questions. They have also announced an online tracking system that monitors the energy output in real-time. This new feature, which can be found on their website, allows customers to see the energy received and saved by using solar panels in Utah.

A real-time online tracking module clearly outlines the power usage that people are exerting in comparison into how much their panels provide.

IWS dispels any myths that solar power in Salt Lake City is expensive. On average, a kilowatt hour made by an energy panel is less expensive than buying energy from a local utility company. When IWS solar installers in Utah mount panels onto the roof of the home, they are increasing the value of the property. With their real-time application, IWS is showing how many kilowatts hours are being produced by their customers. This allows potential consumers to see the positive effects solar panels in Utah can have on their power bills.

IWS's solar installers in Utah are always professional and will consult with any resident to provide them with solutions to cut costs. Their panels are designed and adjusted to fit the homeowner's needs and adjusted to fit any budget. IWS's installation service is always quick and efficient and will take care of any restrictions that the commercial property might have for installing panels. For more information about their monitoring system, visit IWS at

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