New Job Opportunities Are Available through Energy Auditing and Solar Energy Classes from CleanEdison

CleanEdison announced that their online training for BPI and NABCEP candidates is among the most robust in the nation. This emboldens a new workforce for the next boom in the energy business.

New York, NY September 16, 2013

Individuals can take a wide variety of courses, including BPI Certification training right from home.

Changing your career in the comfort of your own home has never been easier, especially in an advanced career field of energy auditing and home systems analysis. CleanEdison offers vocational training for a wide variety of courses, as well as preparation for LEED Green Associate certification for building designers and architects. Fitting into a wide variety of interests, they have classes for any individual looking to enter into the clean workforce. Their past graduates agree that the training provided by CleanEdison will get an individual on the road to a great career within a new and exciting industry.

Solar Energy Classes from CleanEdison puts individuals in the eyesight of potential employers.

The popularity of solar energy is continuing to rise, especially since many municipal providers are offering huge incentives for residential and commercial system installation. The demand for skilled, trained and certified associates capable of building and installing these solutions is getting bigger, thus increasing the opportunities for those willing to get going in this exciting industry. CleanEdison offers comprehensive online and in-person solar energy classes from a team of highly skilled trainers and teachers. With reasonable prices and in cities across the nation, their courses are often combined with BPI certification training along with LEED Green Associate certification. These courses are sure to put individuals at the forefront of the industry and qualify them for the growing amount of open positions.

CleanEdison opens up a variety of industries with their broad class variety.

Now that it is widely published that fossil fuel sources are increasingly limited, alternative power is becoming more common. CleanEdison is offering courses that coordinate with a variety of industries and are focused on the reduction of fossil fuels. For contractors, HVAC specialists and builders, the BPI certification training provides the essentials to understanding renewable systems and construction. For architects and engineers, their courses can assist in preparation for the LEED Green Associate Certificationa credential that is still government standard. Individuals that like to work with people will get a lot out of the sales and installation courses, and those with an eye for detail benefit greatly from their numerous safety courses. With short term vocational classes, individuals are stepping into real careers sooner rather than later. For more information about their courses, visit CleanEdison at

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