Socomec launches latest PV switching technology

Integrated power solutions specialist, Socomec, has launched the latest innovation in photovoltaic (PV) switching technology – The Sirco PV. • Easy to install with a compact and flexible design the Sirco PV is UL98B listed and compliant with IEC standards. It has 1000VDC rating (1500VDC IEC) up to 2000A

Socomec's extensive portfolio of solar disconnect switches ranges from 100A to 1,200A, in 2, 3, 4, 6 and 8 pole configurations. The flexibility of the solution, in terms of both installation and switching options, means that the SIRCO PV is ideal for string combiner boxes, re-combiner boxes and inverters that are constructed to the UL1741 standard.

The range has been specifically engineered for the most demanding photovoltaic applications: SIRCO PV switches can make and break under load conditions and provide safety isolation for any low voltage PV circuit.

Socomec's latest innovation enables on-load breaking of 1,000VDC on just two poles. Armand Adande, Director of North American Operations, explains; "Most PV systems today are designed at 1,000VDC. At Socomec, we have developed a patented safety disconnect system that can rapidly extinguish an electrical arc up to 1,500VDC, with current interruption of up to 2,000A. Furthermore, this new technology also enables utilization at 1,500VDC by connecting 3 poles in series. By paralleling output with our double stack design it is possible to achieve a higher current on one disconnect, providing a compact, space-saving solution."

This unique technology can optimize production flow and capacity – and will mitigate against risk.

Armand continues: "We work hard to develop solutions for our customers' greatest challenges. Total dependability and guaranteed safety - combined with low maintenance costs - are vital considerations in the selection of PV system components. Also, PV installations often perform in extreme operating environments. Our latest Sirco PV disconnect switches are fast and easy to install – reducing the labor burden – and deliver cost savings via the removal of or reduction in the number of jumpers required. Each electrical contact point – irrespective of the technology – creates a hot spot linked to its own resistivity. The reduction in the number of poles limits the heat generated by the switch. The reduced temperature allows a potential reduction in the size of the enclosure. Furthermore, PV equipment can be subject to harsh environmental conditions and extreme temperature fluctuations which can result in the expansion of a connection point. Reducing the number of poles mitigates against the risk of loose connections."

Socomec switches have been designed with materials that maintain structural integrity. This in turn maintains the distance between live parts and is a key mitigating factor against electrical failure. Socomec's latest designs exceed the IEC standard by increasing the over surface distance to 53mm – over twice the required 25mm - and a vital design feature for switches operating at 1,500Vdc. This design guarantees compliance with the UL standard which stipulates a distance over surface of 50.4mm (2 inches).

Socomec's entire SIRCO PV range has been tested and certified in accordance with the main photovoltaic industry standards - meeting UL98B and IEC947-3 - and also bears the CE mark. Furthermore, the range presents the opportunity to develop a standardized offering, using the same switching components around the world.

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