Live Earth Products, Inc. Marks 25 Years Of Ecologically Sound Practices With High Powered Solar Panels

Emery County-based mineral company recognized by the USDA as one of four Utah companies leading the way in renewable energy initiatives; implements solar generating power source to significantly decrease traditional energy consumption

EMERY, Utah, Nov. 13, 2014 -- Executives from Emery, Utah based Live Earth Products, Inc. today announced the installation of an extensive solar power generating program at their company headquarters. The implementation of 144 270-watt SolarWorld panels will provide 100 percent of the company's mineral processing power.

A portion of the cost for the SolarWorld panels was provided by a grant from the USDA (United States Department of Agriculture) to recognize business initiatives that will have 'long-lasting, positive impacts on the environment and improve business energy efficiencies.' Live Earth Products, Inc. was one of four Utah companies to be recognized as a leader in energy efficiency by the USDA. Live Earth Products, Inc. will invest over $100,000 to provide the remainder of the costs for the solar panel initiative.

The SolarWorld panels were installed by Utah-based company Creative Energies, and will provide an estimated annual kWh (electricity level) production of 57,542 kWh. This number represents the amount of power used by six combined average Utah homes. The panels were engineered to supply 120 percent of Live Earth's energy needs for mineral processing, primarily for growth. The company plans to have their surplus generated solar power sold back onto the electric grid.

This year, Live Earth Products, Inc. marks its 25-year anniversary of developing ecologically friendly products. Specializing in producing humic-rich soil amendments and mineral ingredients, the company was founded on ecologically sound business offerings and practices. In addition, Live Earth is a business partner of Rocky Mountain Power's 'Blue Sky Renewable Energy Program,' the only company in Emery County to attain the level of 'visionary.' Only 25% of participating corporations statewide have achieved visionary status within the program, meaning that 30% of the company's power load is offset with renewable power.

"For Live Earth Products, Inc., adding solar energy to our mineral processing was the logical next step for our company to continue our commitment to ecological sound business practices," stated Russell Taylor, VP of Live Earth Products, Inc. "We are proud of our 25 year history of developing high quality, organic products, and are thrilled that this new initiative will not only provide all the necessary electricity for our business, but will put additional power back onto the grid, benefitting residents of our community at large. We look forward to providing continued leadership in the renewable energy space through our environmentally sound business practices."

For more information about Live Earth's ecologically friendly policies, or solar power generating programs, please contact Kelly Casaday at 801.699.8399 or at or visit

About Live Earth:
Located in Emery Utah, Live Earth Products, Inc. mines and manufactures humic and fulvic ingredients for agriculture, animal feeds, cosmetics, dietary supplements, bio-remediation, organic gardening, and lawn care. Adding humic acid to a fertilizer program increases nutrient availability and retains the nutrients in the root zone.

Live Earth's humic acid products can improve the soil while adding nutrients. Live Earth's products also increase the fertilizer and water holding capacity of the soil, decreasing the amount of water and fertilized needed to maintain healthy soil and lawn environments. Visit for more information.

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