Panasonic Enables European Homeowners to Discover Benefits of Going Solar

Easy-to-use online simulation brings solar system design design and financial savings to life

Panasonic Eco Solutions have today announced a partnership with cloud platform provider ezzingSolar to deliver a new, digital solar simulation to European homeowners. Expanding on their UK-wide platform launched last year, the free and interactive "Simulate Your Solar System" inputs a users address, roof characteristics, and average energy consumption to generate a tailored estimate of the financial investment required, and the returns and savings generated for homeowners by going solar with Panasonic.

The service offers European homeowners with a personalised try-before-you-buy rooftop solar simulation, providing a clear step-by-step process for making the decision to install a residential solar system. Upon completing the simulation, homeowners will have the option to request a free quote from an official Panasonic Premium Installer, who will assess suitability of the home for solar, and select the Panasonic solar modules that would provide the greatest value for the homeowner. ezzingSolars planning tool also provides significant value for installers through a new complete CRM, which provides many new functions, such as a live communication platform with the end user and the possibility to customize and update the users simulated system after the roof survey

The new platform is immediately available to UK homeowners and will be rolled out across Europe throughout the coming weeks.

"This new partnership allows us to expand our UK virtual solar know-how to other key European markets, effectively allowing residents there to check the benefits of going solar under the umbrella of Panasonic, which is particularly relevant for consumers in an environment of continuously changing manufacturer names and promises," said Daniel Roca, Senior Business Developer at Panasonic Eco Solutions Europe. "By giving consumers control over how they are introduced to solar with data-driven, real-time estimates, we believe that this platform will undoubtedly drive Europe-wide demand for residential rooftop solar for next year and beyond."

"We believe that Panasonics market leadership in quality and customer service is a perfect fit for integration with our sleek, very flexible and straightforward platform," stated Victor Sancho, Director of Sales and Marketing at ezzingSolar. "This partnership will increase efficiency for all players in the solar value chain, and most importantly, empower European consumers by guiding them from the initial estimate of savings to installation completion of their very own solar system."

The new solar simulation launch comes after last weeks announcement that Panasonic have extended the product guarantee across their HIT® solar module range to 15 years, bringing increased value to installers and consumers across Europe. The companys high efficiency solar panel line for 2016 features the new 96-cell N330 panel, which returns approximately 27% more peak-power compared to mainstream 260-watt multicrystalline modules.

Panasonic continues to showcase experience derived from nearly 40 years of producing high quality, reliable solar products with industry-leading temperature coefficients and power efficiencies. The company has over 3 million modules in operation throughout Europe, with an impressively low failure rate of under 0.005 percent. By combining these characteristics, Panasonic aims to provide European homeowners that often have limited roof space with optimum rates of energy generation.

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