Solaris Expands E-Commerce Site Offering Complete Solar Panel Kits Including Electrical Diagrams

The new kits will include everything in one value priced package that homeowners need to install a solar energy system on their home except generic wiring.

ENGLEWOOD, Colo., April 27, 2016 /PRNewswire/ -- Solaris Technology Industry, Inc., is bringing additional value to DIY Homeowners and Professional Installers by adding pre-configured Solar Panel Kits with Electrical Diagrams to its already expansive portfolio of Solar Energy Products. The national solar wholesaler began adding these kits available to purchase through our store The new kits will include everything in one value priced package that homeowners need to install a solar energy system on their home except generic wiring.

"We are proud to begin including complete solar power kits for our customers, with warehouse level pricing for anyone looking to go solar for nearly half the price of a large installer," said Brandi Casey, of Solaris Technology Industry, Inc. "We are working on more system kits as well, for ground mount and off grid systems. We include a free single-line electrical diagram with all of our energy systems - which not only outlines the system installation but may also be used if permitting is required. This is a much easier and more simple way for DIY customers to purchase a kit and install it themselves, and receive the best in the industry from companies like; SolarWorld, Canadian Solar, SolarEdge, TrinaSolar, IronRidge, Enphase, and much more."

Customized Options for Every Project

Customers can choose from multiple size solar panel kits with different modules and inverters, all tier one and recognized for outstanding quality and long term warranties. It's an investment homeowner's can make with nearly no risk, covering energy needs. Consumers can also receive credits from their utility company for energy fed back into the grid. Solaris offers these kits, and their complete inventory of solar products to the entire United States. Our products are purchased through and shipped directly to the customer's door, for a seamless and easy experience.

About Solaris

Solaris is an Innovative Solar Distributor & Dealer of Residential & Commercial Solar Products for Homeowners and Installers. We are the single store solution for all of your solar energy products, and Solar Power System needs. We supply industry leading solar products and components for residential and commercial applications. Our inventory includes: solar panels, solar batteries, solar power inverters, charge controllers, racking & mounting, solar panel kits, accessories, and more from leading manufacturers. We also have a network of designers and installers available for those clients looking for a full service experience.

Featured Product

Baja Carports Design-Build Solar Support Systems™

With Baja Carports 35 plus years in the industry installing our Solar Support Systems nationwide and whose founder Bob Hayworth was one of the first to use solar panels as the rooftops on commercial carports ~ is assurance that you will receive Baja expertise in all phases of installation. Our team's diligence makes the design-build process easy for customers. You don't need a set of architecture plans to begin talking to us about your project. Baja's in-house design engineers will work closely with you to meet your project specifications and city's criteria. You'll have our design team's years of experience applied to your plans. Our engineers will deliver a set of stamped plans, which maximize canopy coverage and details the most-effective layout for your business' parking lot.