Intersolar - Bolymedia Holdings Co. Ltd. Announces BolySolar Patio, a Technology for Solar Energy Reception From Patios/Windows

Bolymedia is to announce its second technology for renewable energy at Intersolar North America.

SANTA CLARA, Calif. & SHENZHEN, China--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Bolymedia Holdings Co. Ltd., a global high-tech company headquartered in Silicon Valley, is pleased to announce its second technology for renewable energy at Intersolar North America (Booth #7349) on July 12-14, 2016 in San Francisco, California.

BolySolar is a complete set of solar system technologies aiming to provide the entire world with affordable renewable energy while solving the problems of energy and water shortages. At Intersolar North America, the company will disclose the second technology of BolySolar Concentrators - BolySolar Patio, a concentration lens system specifically designed for solar energy applications.

From the product catalogue to be distributed at Intersolar North America Show, visitors can find configuration details of BolySolar Patio and a diagram demonstrating a typical installation scenario. If the dotted line is a window, the diagram represents an indoor installation. If the dotted line is empty, it represents a patio installation. The BolySolar Patio utilizes a reflective Fresnel lens to concentrate light into the focal area which can be mounted on a safe place near the ceiling.

"This simple design brings forth many advantages," said Dr. Xiaoping Hu, President and CEO of Bolymedia. "The cost of a solar system with the BolySolar Patio configuration can be cut by more than 50% compared to existing roof solar systems since more than 90% of the PV panels currently in use can be replaced with our flat glass or plastic reflective lenses. The system not only makes good use of solar electricity, but also the solar heat for hot water, house warming, or more electricity generation. After the installation, users can eliminate all of their energy bills, including electricity and gas."

Dr. Hu added, "It's safer and better-looking than the roof-top solar systems. It can be blended into existing building decorations, enhancing the neighbourhood aesthetics instead of reducing it."

The BolySolar Patio is the second product of the BolySolar Concentrators product line. Full implementations of BolySolar Concentrators will take time due to the wide scope of the technologies involved.

The company believes that, together with the upcoming BolySolar Roof and BolySolar Floor, BolySolar Patio can help solve all basic energy needs in households and office buildings and completely eliminate gas and fire from all buildings, making the living and working environment not only green, but also safe and affordable.

About Bolymedia Holdings Co. Ltd.

Bolymedia Holdings Co. Ltd. was established in 2002. The company has three subsidiary companies in California, Shenzhen and Hong Kong and has filed over 90 patents covering broad areas of Imaging and Clean Tech. The company has now 2 business divisions, Imaging & Solar Energy. Its mission is for the world to enjoy efficient solar energy systems that solve the problem of global warming and remove the burdens of today's energy struggles. For more information, please visit

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