Alba Energy Introduces Solar Power Purchase Agreements in Texas

Pay less for energy and lock yourself into a low, affordable power rate over the next 25 years with Alba Energy's SMART Solar Power Purchase Agreements!

Alba Energy is proud to announce the SMART Solar Power Purchase Agreement, an innovative energy solution for Texas homeowners in deregulated energy markets.

With a solar PPA, the energy you need is produced by a solar system owned, installed, and maintained on your roof by Alba Energy. You pay nothing upfront, and you get lower electricity bills for 25 years.

"Alba Energy will finance, build, commission, operate, and maintain the system with zero cost or burden on your wallet, and you lock-in the energy produced at a rate equal to or lower than what you currently pay today. And with a 25-year term, you also benefit from predictability and affordability for many years to come." - Graeme Walker, Alba Energy Founder and CEO

Solar PPAs have enabled families across America to save money and use clean energy without any cash outlays or maintenance costs. Alba Energy is excited to be the first to offer SMART Solar Power Purchase Agreements to homeowners in Texas!

Learn about powering your home with the Texas sun by requesting information on a SMART Solar PPA today.

About Alba Energy
Alba Energy is proud to be a leading solar company in Texas, with offices in Austin, Dallas, Houston, McAllen, and San Antonio. Albas SMART solar financing programs allow you to POWER your home with solar panels, pay LESS on electricity bills, and contribute to a CLEAN energy future. For more information visit

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