Solar Trackers to Introduce Numerous Prospects for Efficient Solar Power Generation

Solar energy has gained the tract in almost every arena. More and more people are adopting solar energy owing to its amazing benefits. However, along with the rising demand for solar panels, the questions regarding the use of panel tracking are escalating as well.

Solar panels are static when mounted. Which is why they are unable to get the optimal sunlight throughout the day and in some seasons. In such situations, the solar panel tracker assists the panels by allowing them to shift with the sunlight, automatically. This enables the solar panels to assemble more photons, resulting in more energy generation, efficiently.

Types of solar panel tracker-

Since solar trackers enhance the expanse of energy generation, they are increasingly gaining popularity. Additionally, a single axis and dual axis are the two major types of solar panel trackers. The single-axis solar panel tracker has one direction pivot direction, which assists the solar panel to move in one direction. For instance, the solar panel would pivot in one direction, east to west, starting from the sunrise and followed by the sunset.

The dual-axis tracker, on the other hand, has two pivot directions. Likewise, it can move east to west as well as north to south. It is more beneficial for high northern latitudes where the sun's angle gets varied significantly. Moreover, both the panel trackers are known to enhance the effectiveness of the solar panels, offering high productivity. Nevertheless, the solar panel tracker along with increased efficiency also offers a number of benefits. Here are some of the great advantages associated with the solar tracker.

Benefits allied with solar tracker-
Improved energy output-
Solar tracker installation improves the energy output, as tracking enables the panels to gather more photons. This increases around 10% to 25% of the productivity in solar panels. In addition, it is also beneficial for low spaces where only a few panels can be installed. Moreover, it aids the end-users to achieve self-solar sufficiency in an efficient manner.

Less area requirement-

Solar panel tracking systems can be easily installed on a fixed solar panel. Therefore, minimizing the need for extra space. In addition, solar panels can easily move in the same area. Furthermore, there are several ranges of solar panels available with attached trackers. This is a beneficial factor to get efficient energy for sites having limited space.

Reduced energy costs-

During the period concentrated sunlight such as summer months, with the help of solar trackers, it can become easier to generate more energy. This factor, in turn, can help in reducing the electric utility bill.

The utilization of solar power over city power has been widely grown in recent years. Solar panels are nothing but a significant investment. A qualified solar tracker aids with huge benefits over numerous constraints of conventional power generation. Owing to which the future of the solar tracker industry can be foreseen to be bright. According to a report published by Allied Market Research, the global solar tracker installation market is anticipated to garner $379.2 billion by 2026.

The government in various regions is taking efforts to increase the installation of solar panels, which in turn, is escalating the demand for solar panel trackers. In addition, the growing awareness regarding renewable energy has further boosted the growth of the market. On the other hand, the investments in solar projects in emerging countries to reduce environmental impacts are also accelerating. All these factors are contributing to the growth of the solar tracker industry. Moreover, with further advancements and increase in solar installations the industry is anticipated to usher a number of opportunities in the near future.

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