The NEW BSL Battery BOX 48V LifePo4 Solar Battery Storage 5.12-30.7kWh

The new BSL Battery BOX 48V LiFePo4 solar battery storage system is based on a new concept designed to meet a wider range of usage scenarios.

The new BSL Battery BOX 48V LiFePo4 solar battery storage system is based on a new concept designed to meet a wider range of usage scenarios. The BSL Battery BOX is designed with LiFePO4 chemistry, which has been recognized as one of the safest battery technologies. LiFePo4 is chemically stable and has a thermal runaway temperature of over 480°C.

The BSL Battery BOX 48V Solar battery storage is a flexible and scalable battery storage system for self-consumption optimisation in grid-connected and off-grid applications, offering higher storage capacity, a cleaner look and lighter weight than the BSL Solar Wall Battery products. With the BSL Battery BOX, up to six 48V home solar storage batteries can be connected to a single system, each with a deep cycle life of over 6,000 cycles, making the new range ideal for on-grid, on-grid plus backup and off-grid systems. residential and commercial applications.

The new BSL Battery BOX 48V LiFePo4 product range offers many advantages, such as:

> They are designed for high performance emergency power, suitable for both on-grid and off-grid use, with simplified monitoring via internet connection.

> The system supports parallel connections, eliminating the need for additional communication equipment.

> The new design also has a higher energy density and a more compact form, so less floor space is required.

> Each 48V LiFePo4 battery bank is modular in design and features uninterrupted maintenance and easy installation.

> The BSL Battery BOX features an intelligent BMS (Battery Management System) that extends its entire service life.

> All models of the BSL Battery BOX series have passed IEC62619, UN38.3, MSDS certification, and have additional installation safety features.

> The modular connector design eliminates the need for internal wiring and provides maximum flexibility and ease of use.

> Lithium iron phosphate (LFP) batteries: maximum safety, service life and performance

> In addition to the new LED status display, there are new interface and remote control options.

Product Features:

Total battery capacity: 5.12kWh

Maximum number of extensions: 6

Battery module: 48v lifepo4 battery pack

Lithium iron phosphate technology (LFP)

Rated voltage: 51.2 V

Maximum output current: 25 A

Peak output current: 50 A for 5 seconds

Float charge voltage: 54.4-55.2 V

Weight: 48 kg

Dimensions (H/W/D) 616*486*210 mm

Suitable for applications: grid-connected / grid-tied + backup / off-grid

Operating temperature: Discharge: -20°C to +60°C

Charging: 0°C to +60°C

Storage: -20°C to +60°C

Communication: CAN/RS485ARS232/RS485B/RS485

The BSL Battery BOX is compatible with SMA, SolarEdge, Sungrow, Huawei, Victron Energy, Studer, Growatt, Sofarsolar, SolaX, Voltronic Power, Deye, Goodwe, East, Fronius Solar Energy, sunsynk.

The China lithium battery manufacturer BSLBATT is not only looking to bring new solar battery storage systems for domestic use to market. The number of units sold is also expected to increase significantly. To this end, BSLBATT has purchased a new factory and added a new automated production line for energy storage batteries, aiming to increase production capacity by at least three to five times.

Eric, CEO of BSLBATT, clearly states, "We want to capture a share of the growing electricity storage market and bring BSL green energy to homes and businesses that use clean energy as their primary source of power." The increase in capacity not only ensures that delivery bottlenecks, which to date have often resulted in annoying delays, are avoided. The cost structure of our solar storage systems may also become particularly competitive as a result. As a result, BSLBATT can further expand its position as a leading global manufacturer of energy storage.

In addition, the new generation 48V LiFePO4 Solar Battery retains all the advantages of the Solar Wall Battery with additional important details. With emergency power and off-grid capability, wireless expansion becomes a top choice for solar installers. Thanks to the almost incredible scalability, the possible uses of this battery are virtually unlimited. Join the BSL Battery BOX dealer team today.

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