Ecoppia Lands a 181.25 MWac Project in Chile With Global Player ENGIE

The fully autonomous, lightweight T4 robots to provide modules cleaning and optimize production at the Coya Solar PV Plant.

Ecoppia (TASE: ECPA), the world's leader in robotic cleaning solutions for photovoltaic solar, announced another significant collaboration with ENGIE, in its 181.25 MWac/199.8MWdc Coya Solar PV Plant in Chile's Antofagasta region, the energy company's largest project in northern Chile.

ENGIE's collaboration with Ecoppia marks the continuation of a successful relationship between the two companies, with their fourth joint project in different regions of the world. The project is expected to generate 7.2M US$ in revenue for Ecoppia over the course of the projects' lifecycle.

The Coya Solar PV Plant is located in one of the driest regions in the world. Ecoppia's water-free robotic cleaning solutions are ideal for the challenges the region presents, as they allow effective, frequent, and autonomous cleaning, in areas with water scarcity and high soiling. Ecoppia's advanced cloud-based platform allows continuous monitoring and remote management of the robots, as well as an advanced preventive maintenance program - demonstrating the highest availability rates in the market for a decade.

Ecoppia has recently opened its South American office, expanding its local support and addressing the massive demand in the region. "South America is a fast-growing region for renewable energy, and Ecoppia is excited to play such a vital role in ensuring high energy outputs of solar sites despite the local challenges," says Ecoppia's CEO, Jean Scemama. "We are happy to collaborate with ENGIE once again, as ENGIE is a forward-thinking company that understands automation is a necessity for large-scale site management, as they know our solutions help IPPs reach lower LCOE."

About Ecoppia

For nearly a decade, with over 16GW of signed agreements, Ecoppia has been the pioneer and world leader in robotic cleaning solutions for PV. Offering a cloud-based platform and a suite of advanced solutions, Ecoppia's fully autonomous robots cost-effectively maximize the performance of utility-scale PV sites all over the world. Remotely managed and controlled, the Ecoppia platform allows solar sites to maintain peak performance with minimal costs and human intervention. The company is a publicly traded company with offices in Asia, the Middle East, Europe and LATAM.

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