RE+NorthEast 2023-Clean Energy Forum in Boston, MA

The growing popularity of renewable and solar energy power sparked gatherings in the New England Westin Seaport convention center, Boston, MA, demonstrating strong demand for networking, learning, and knowledge sharing. RE+NorthEast 2023, the largest 2-Days Forum for professionals dedicated to developing, promoting, and integrating renewable energy in the Northeastern United States, has opened its door to more than 3000 attendees and 120+ exhibitors. The Event united professionals from a variety of divisions within the industry, including solar power, energy storage, microgrids, solar marketing, customer education, solar farming, reforestation, and community outreach.


The RE+NorthEast 2023 Forum belongs to a chain of similar RE+ Forums organized by the "RE+Events" - the global Event Association Management Organization specializing in the clean energy industry. The upcoming RE+ Forums following the RE+NorthEast2023 include RE+Northern California, RE+Texas, Solar Storage Mexico, Solar Storage Espana, Electricity Transformation Canada, and many more.


Expertise That Promotes Green Energy for Living

RE+NorthEast 2023 welcomed a large group of keynote speakers and policymakers who shared their expertise and opinion during structured group discussions and networking. With heartfelt welcoming speeches from Abigail Ross Hopper, the President and CEO of (SEIA), and the president of (SEPA) Sheri Givens, the forum was up to a great start showcasing the lineup of green energy speakers and covering a variety of topics.


The Future of Decommissioning and Solar Panels Recycling

Pro-solar state policies under the Inflation Reduction Act positioned the North East to be a key region of solar energy growth in the United States. To accommodate this kind of expansion in the market, it will be necessary to significantly scale up recycling programs, community education, solar marketing, and partnerships to meet increased demand. 


Discussion “The Future of PV Panel Recycling & Decommissioning in the Northeast”, moderated by Robert Nicholson, Manager of PV Recycling, SEIA, was one of the highlights of the Re+NorthEast 20203 Forum.



Adam Sokolski, Director, Regulatory and Legislative Affairs, EDF Deb Peck Kelleher, Deputy Director, Alliance for Clean Energy NY; Angie Burke, Director, Operations & Maintenance, Pivot Energy; and Alexandra Harrison, EVP & General Manager, ONTILITY, provided insights and explored the future of decommissioning of solar panels in the NE and countrywide.


Clean Energy State Briefing — New York City

During the RE+ NorthEast Forum 2-Days Forum, attendees had an opportunity to meet and engage in conversation with the leaders in the field of sustainability and green technologies. State Briefing — New York City introduced panelist John Williams, Director of Policy and Regulatory Affairs, NYSERDA. This briefing covered an in-depth look at the clean energy landscape in New York City and welcomed the questions and discussion on issues impacting the state. Other panelists, guests, participants, and exhibitors included major players in the industry: Panasonic (EverVolt), Vivint Solar, SunRun, NautilusSolar, Genie Solar Energy, William Forestry Associates, PylonTech, Scanifly, Solstice, CoreTech, and others.


How Can Renewable Energy Change the Future?

Although all the participants of the RE+NorthEast Forum offered and discussed their unique, individually designed services, most of them are visionary business leaders that aim to bring better living into the future. The RE+NorthEast 2023 space for discussion, opened to all attendees, showcased the full potential of renewable, computer, drone, and other technologies in the sustainability field that is a great source of information, collaboration, and sale-negotiation regardless of the region or product display.


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