Small Wind Turbines Integrate Biophormic Design

Tell us about yourself and your role with New World Wind.

I am 64 years old, married, 4 children, engineer in aeronautic techs, ESSEC and IEP Paris. Industrial since 20 years after a long experience in logistic and transportation. I am the shareholder and Chairman/CEO of the New World Wind worldwide company. I always was very focused on the preservation of our planet and I wanted to let, after way, a concept and a solution to reach this target. I was President of different professional unions and I tried to contribute about promotion of our industries and knowledges.


Tell us more about New World Wind and your targets.

New World Wind was created in 2017 after the purchase of all the assets of New Wind and I tried to enhance the concept of the @aeroleafs. Aeroleaf is an original design of vertical wind mills, we can customized and installed on different supports. A this date, we have installed more than 130 units of our “trees”, WindTree, WindPalm and WindBush, all over the world and we start the installation of our aeroleafs on the roof top of buiding or on telecom tower. Aeroleafs can be deployed on different support with any inconveniences, no sound, birds friendly too. Our targets are to install aeroleafs inside the cities with our biomorphic trees or on the roof of building to provide energy inside all buildings. We see, day after day, how customers are interested by those products with the aim to save costs and in the same time, to have an ecological approach.


What kind of Products does is New World Wind proposing on the market?

Firstly, what we call “Tree”. They are a biomorphic structures which integrate our aeroleafs to have a wonderful and acceptable product inside the city. Citizens are very enjoyed when they discover our products cause we do not create any visual or sound pollution. As we can customize all products with different colours, our products are fully integrated inside the city. But, we want to be focused on those main markets:

  • Buildings
  • Warehouses
  • Petrol stations
  • Telecom towers

It is very important to note that we do not need “big” civil works to install our products. They can be a place to load batteries for different devices, a place to take some rest with an installed bench or to have good time without any noise and pollution.

We generate energy closest our customers needs and we are tottaly birds friendly.


Please share the advantages and the success of your range of products?

We have thousand advantages, but if we resume the main ones, it could be

  • Production of energy 24/24 and 7/7
  • No sound
  • No impact on environment (birds friendly)
  • Small civil works for the “trees”
  • Easy to be erected on roof tops
  • Production of energy closer the customers
  • Maximum 3 days for erection of trees
  • Customizable


Do you have a real world study you can share with our readers?

We already installed more than 130 units all over the world and 7 units were erected in USA. Most of the customers were interested by the “showcase” of the products but we feel, with the costs of electricity, @aeroleafs can be a new way to produce their own energy, easily, quickly and at very best costs. Do not forget that aeroleafs can generate energy 24/24 and 7/7 by year. We can, also, have batteries to store this energy and providing later the stored energy. Aeroleafs will be a new way for self consumption. We do not need maintenance, cleaning of surface and our system is fully protected against dust, sand, water…


Who are your main customers and how are you working to grow the company?

Cities, companies, universities are our main customers. We continue to promote our solutions cause when we discuss with our customers, they firstly think about solar panels. Our tech is very different and we have many advantages instead solar. We communicate through the social networks and we were, recently, rewarded by the magazine  “Business Energy” inside the European top 10  companies for Renewable solutions. We have more than 60 partnerships all over the world (flags and coordinates of our partners are available through our website). We continue to develop partnerships and we wish to cover all continents in 2024. We already sign with Australian company to be there and we will erect 2 WindTree in Perth during the first trimester.


How do you see the market in the next 3 years and how do you see your products developing with this growth?

As the price of electricity will continue to increase and as we need to reduce the fossile energies, the market of renewable energy will continue to grow very quickly. We are going to put on the market a new design of aeroleafs much more efficient (+40% powerful) with a new generator 1000W instead 300W by aeroleaf. The both solutions, 300W and 1000W, will be proposed to our customers and 1000W will be promoted for windy areas to generate much more power. Aeroleafs could be deployed without limits of quantity. So the market for us will be very large and we are sure our solutions take their place inside this market. Do not forget the targets defined during Cop organization and the COP 28 confirmed the reduction of fossile energies including coal, of course. We will accelerate the R&D to promote the best solutions at the best costs for our customers.


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