Trina Storage and Pacific Green sign Letter of Intent of 1500 MWh energy storage system at WFES

At the World Future Energy Summit held in Abu Dhabi in the United Arab Emirates from April 16 to 18 the global energy storage and technology companies Trina Storage and Pacific Green have signed a letter of intent relating to 1,500 MWh integrated energy storage solutions

Residential 30KW Off Grid Solar panel System 30000W energy storage solar system complete set

The off-grid system is a self-sufficient energy system that operates independently from the main power grid. The system also includes storage batteries to store excess energy for use during times of low production. This system is ideal for remote areas or locations where connecting to the main grid is not feasible. It provides reliable power for various applications, including residential, commercial, or industrial purposes, and helps reduce dependence on traditional power sources.

Soltec Supplies 367 MW of its SFOne Tracker in Lorca (Murcia) to X-ELIO

The SFOne tracker contributes to reducing the visual impact of plants due to its smaller design

Nexamp Passes the 100 MWh Milestone for Operating Energy Storage

The company offers a variety of energy storage project applications ranging from commercial through distributed generation and to utility scale, covering grid services, microgrid, and behind-the-meter projects among other opportunities.


Project to Provide Critical Power, Grid Reliability & Flexibility

BLUETTI Launches Solar+ Program in Germany, Offering Up to 400,000 Euros in Cash Subsidies for Powering Home and EV with Solar

BLUETTI, a pioneer in renewable energy storage solutions, is introducing the Solar + program to Germany, an incentive-based initiative for households installing home solar generation with battery energy storage and EV chargers. It aims to make sustainable living more accessible and affordable, cutting energy costs and environmental impact.

4 Types Of Solar Panels That Are In High Demand

The demand for solar PV panel continues to rise as the world shifts towards a cleaner and more sustainable energy future. Mono Perc Half-Cut Solar Modules, Bifacial Solar Modules, Polycrystalline Solar Modules, and BIPV Solar Modules represent just a few examples of the innovative technologies driving this transformation. Whether it's maximizing energy efficiency, reducing environmental impact, or enhancing architectural design, these high-demand solar panel types are paving the way towards a brighter tomorrow powered by the sun.

Soltec Launches SFOneX: the solar tracker with the longest length tailored for large-scale solar projects

-With a length of 125 meters, it stands out for its reliability, terrain adaptation, and wireless communication -Equipped with protection systems against adverse weather conditions: Dy-WIND technology and a hail algorithm

New Solar Project Powers Up in Tomales, California

MCE and partner Renewable America unveil 1 megawatt solar farm

LevelTen Energy North America Q1 2024 PPA Price Index: Window of Stability Offers Opportunity for PPA Buyers as Solar P25 Prices Declined 1.5%, Wind Up 2.4%

In the first quarter of 2024, North American power purchase agreement (PPA) prices demonstrated heightened stability following years of energy market volatility.

DeVore Capital Among Exclusive Installers of New GAF Solar Shingle Systems in Florida

DeVore Capital Contracting Consulting Inc. has been selected as one of Florida's exclusive installers of the Timberline Solar Energy Shingle - the world's first nailable solar shingle.

SolaREIT Closes $13 Million Portfolio with NineDot Energy

Partnership Provides Real Estate Financing for Community-Scale Battery Energy Storage Projects in New York City

Repsol completes the construction of Frye Solar in the United States, its largest solar plant

Frye Solar, located in Kress (Texas), is the largest solar project built by Repsol, with nearly one million panels, a total installed capacity of 637 MW and 570 MW currently in operation.

Soltec sells a 400 MWac project in Brazil to Casa dos Ventos

• The purchasing entity is Casa dos Ventos, one of the main renewable energy entities in the country • Soltec's Energy division has 13 GW of projects in development, 6.4 GW of which are in Brazil

SolarEdge Announces Compliance with the UK's Cyber Security Regulatory Scheme

UK first to mandate that all manufacturers of connected consumer devices, including solar inverters, comply with a series of cyber-security requirements

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