Mr. Haddjeri incorporated NHEOLIS in early 2006, after identifying the potential of Bernoulli's principle when applied to wind power. Advised by Marc LASSUS, former CEO of GEMPLUS, he has invested his own time and money to develop NHEOLIS' breakthough technology from the concept idea to the market product.

Nheolis' 3D Wind Turbines

Nordine Haddjeri | NHEOLIS

NHEOLIS has introduced a new design in small wind with its nheowind 3D blades. This innovation relies on the Bernoulli principle: using fluid dynamics applied to small wind, the cone effect takes advantage of the pressure rise on one side and the depression on the other. The pressure disparity at different points of the blade allows the rotor spinning.

In partnership with ONERA (the French Aerospace Lab), NHEOLIS further improved the blade design of its first generation nheowind 3D 100 CP. Modelling wind trajectory led the R&D team to the patented, curved design of the 3D blades "Chistera", introduced in 2010 with the nheowind 3D 50 and nheowind 3D 100.

This curved shape retrieves relative wind in its trajectory and increases rotational speeds, leading to better performances in small wind.

What are the advantages from this design?
The nheowind design provides four main advantages to the customers, silence being a key benefit for facilitating the installation requirements. This 3D design avoids wind shear and ensures that regardless of operating speed, the sound emission of the turbine remains inferior to the noise generated by the wind itself. A noise inferior to 35 dB at a 12 meter tower base, at the nominal wind speed of 12 m/s, drastically facilitates planning applications and urban integration.

The 3D wind turbine also covers a large range of wind speeds and starts to generate power at a very low cut-in wind speed of 2.5 m/s up to 36 m/s (80.5 mph), achieving better levels of performance.

A reinforced structure, with several fixing points on each blade, ensures robustness. Tests in the CNRS (The French National Center for Scientific Research) wind tunnels as well as two storms in France (Klaus and Xynthia) have proven the resistance to powerful gusts.

The unique and original design provides an effective medium of communication for promoting both green investments and one’s commitment to a cleaner energy production with a designed solution.

What are the plans for the geographic expansion of the company?
To follow global trends (the French market is at the moment almost non-existant) NHEOLIS has grown with an international ambition to quickly move and deliver its products on the most advanced world markets. While the French small wind market is still in its early stage, NHEOLIS develops its technologies abroad.

In partnership with local Certified Partners, the nheowind first generation (nheowind 3D 100 CP) was sold and installed in many countries including Spain, Italy, UK, Ireland, Russia and Canada… Adaptation to local requirements is a major challenge faced and overcome today through investments to develop local networks of Certified Partners for the distribution and installation of the products. In emerging markets like France and Italy, NHEOLIS supports its partners’ first moves with further assistance for the first installations and promotion.

The company has received the gold EEP (European Environmental Press) Award for excellence in environmental innovation in December 2009. NHEOLIS is also a member of the Capenergy Competitiveness Cluster in France, Renewable UK, the European Wind Energy association and the American Wind Energy Association to share its manufacturer experience for developing the market.

The products certification in the UK?
Benefiting from the first European wind energy potential, the UK implements a comprehensive approach to include small wind in its electricity mix ambitious targets by 2020. Renewable UK estimates that the UK could have1.3 GW of installed small wind system capacity by 2020, if the appropriate policies are put in place to support this fast emerging sector. The government initiative to introduce a smart Feed-In Tariff mechanism led to attractive returns of investment. The incentives are coupled with a qualitative MCS (Microgeneration Certification Scheme) certification process ensuring the promotion of high quality products.

NHEOLIS is ongoing the certification process with industry expert TUV NEL. Although the certification is a challenge to overcome, it is a wise investment for future market developments.

What is NHEOLIS interest in the US market, the first market in small wind?
The largest potential market for SWT is for homeowners, especially in rural areas where wind generated electricity can significantly reduce utility bills. NHEOLIS products can be installed for both on-grid and off-grid applications and suit the US market requirements. The US potential is driven by federal investment tax credits, some state specific incentives and a very high, rising energy cost in some states.

NHEOLIS will be at the AWEA Small and Community Wind Conference & Exhibition in Portland in December to establish its first contacts with the US market.

Nordine Haddjeri, NHEOLIS Chairman & Founder
Mr. Haddjeri incorporated NHEOLIS in early 2006, after identifying the potential of Bernoulli's principle when applied to wind power. Advised by Marc LASSUS, former CEO of GEMPLUS, he has invested his own time and money to develop NHEOLIS' breakthough technology from the concept idea to the market product.

Aix-en-Provence Business School graduate, he was previously Product & Marketing Manager for France and Europe at Cryomed, a French pharmaceutical lab and worked as a Real Estate Sales Manager at Bourdais Immobilier.

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