At NEXTracker booth 4311, were thrilled to be highlighting our First Solar solutions this year – for both Series 4 and 6, NX Fusion Plus™ storage and solar product and components of our TrueCapture™ control system.

Talking SPI with NEXTracker

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Your company will be exhibiting at Solar Power International, what is it that makes this an important event for your company?

Yes, we are exhibiting at SPI 2017: booth 4311. It’s an auspicious year for all of us at SPI given the issues affecting our industry at present and yet we remain cautiously optimistic. As a company and echoing our customers and suppliers in the solar industry, we’re more fired up than ever!

At NEXTracker, we’ve been collaborating with SEIA and other affinity organizations to make our voices heard about clean energy jobs. Events like SPI are ideal platforms to formally meet on mutual goals and put plans into action. We’re currently setting the stage for an 18 month communications campaign called, A Renewable America, in partnership with SEIA, AWEA, and WEF to highlight the important contributions solar and wind workers are making every day in red and blue states alike – and how our combined job growth is positively affecting economic development of communities across the U.S. We aim to educate and move public opinion and we encourage attendees at this year’s SPI to get involved, participate and share these stories far and wide to make our voices heard.

Come to booth 4331 at 5pm on 9/12 to hear from Abby Hopper, Dan Shugar, and John Kostyack (WEF) to find out how you can get involved. 

What can a visitor to your booth expect to see this year?

At NEXTracker booth 4311, we’re thrilled to be highlighting our First Solar solutions this year – for both Series 4 and 6, NX Fusion Plus™ storage and solar product and components of our TrueCapture™ control system.

Our display will be highlighting the FLSR Series 6 module and rail solution. What visitors can see first-hand is an innovative NEXTracker mounting solution that secures each First Solar Series 6 framed module using a top clamp or shared bottom rail at the mounting locations prescribed by First Solar. Specific benefits and features include:

  • More modules per row: Each rail secures the module in portrait to maximize the number of modules per row.
  • Quick and easy installation: Module rails self-align on torque tubes in seconds, ensuring proper rail spacing without fixtures or jigs.
  • Secure mounting: Modules are secured using proprietary fasteners that ground the module while also providing a secure, rapid installation method.

On both innovations, we have been closely collaborating with First Solar to co-optimize our products to deliver the lowest cost of solar possible. In fact, the high efficiency and larger aperture of the 400+ Watt module with tracker features enables over 35kW per tracker row.

We’ll also be bringing our fully integrated storage and solar display to include the Avalon Vanadium Flow battery and Ideal Power inverter together with our solar tracker. This display inspired this year’s exhibitor’s happy hour on Tuesday and as we say at NEXTracker, “go with the flow.” So all of you who have not seen our integrated NX Fusion Plus solar and storage product, we invite you to stop by and ask us your hardest questions!  


Any new products you will be introducing?

We’ll be educating visitors on our latest breakthrough control system: TrueCapture™. TrueCapture optimizes the angle of the tracker using geo-spacial conditioning and also uses weather forecasting. Most trackers blindly move throughout the day. We optimize the angle which helps owner/operators forecast with more accuracy and gain additional energy up to 6 percent for both row to row tracking and diffuse light conditions. It’s also exciting to collaborate with our module and EPC partners on the show floor. If you miss our booth, Jinko will also be showcasing our tracker with their latest module design at booth 3965.


When you get a chance to walk the exhibit hall floor yourself, what is it you will be most interested to see?

As a company, we all venture out to explore new technologies, the growing software/ data section and this year, we look forward to participating in the energy storage educational sessions as we are beginning to see the storage segment grow and mature. As a marketer, I’m always keen to see the latest in solar marketing and how companies create brand experiences that delight and inspire visitors. At all the events we participate in, we aim to create an immersive brand experience where our customers can engage visually, tactically, and find our booth as an enjoyable place to do business.


SPI has many educational sessions, is your company involved in any of them this year?  

SPI always affords many different and interesting ways to engage with their educational sessions. This year we’ll be on four panels speaking on a variety of topics relevant to our area of expertise and global operations: data & analytics, quality and reliability issues facing large scale solar, cost reductions, and energy storage. You can find a sampling of our sessions and speakers at SPI below:


Monday, Sept. 11

  • Using Data to Analyze System Operation and Failure. Presenting panelist Allan Daly, VP Software (Time/Location: 9:30-10:30am at Lagoon J)
  • NX Fusion Plus: A Holistic Approach to DC-Coupled Storage. Presented by CTO Alex Au and Storage Director Josh Weiner (Time/Location: 1:30-2:00pmat Storage area)
  • Halving Large Scale Solar Costs by 2030: The Evolution of Cost Savings in Solar GenerationNEXTracker CEO Dan Shugar and fellow panelists, Michael Maulick, President & CEO of SunLink Corporation and Martin Hermann, CEO of 8minuteenergy Renewables join moderator James Kiehl of Electrical WSP to discuss how the evolution of the large scale solar market will meet the US Department of Energy SunShot 2030 goal of 3 cents/kWh. (Time/Location: 4:00 – 5:00pm at Lagoon H)
  • NX Fusion Plus presentation: Storage Central, booth 1235


Tuesday, Sept. 12

  • PV Magazine Quality RoundtablePresenting panelist Marty Rogers, NEXTracker VP of Global Asset Management


When you book a booth for a tradeshow like this what are your expectations and what does your company hope to accomplish at the event?

The NEXTracker sales team and our subject matter experts engage at SPI on multiple levels. From back to back customer meetings at our booth and displaying actual product on the show floor to participating in educational panel sessions and networking events, SPI is a must for any company in the solar (and now storage) sectors to learn and conduct repeat and new business. SEIA does a spectacular all-encompassing job to create an ideal environment for their member companies.



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