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Iris Hellas - SolarSkin

Certified long-lasting Nanotechnology product for glass restoration & self/easy- clean of PV glass surfaces. PV modules consist of solar cells which are covered by a piece of protective glass. Since PV modules are exposed to environmental conditions their protective glass requires periodic cleaning. Staining,dirt and grime, leaves, pollen, dirt droppings, lime-scale and other pollutants prevent solar radiation from reaching the cells of PV modules and as a result, the efficiency of the solar system is reduced. By SolarSkin the glass surface of a solar modules becomes anti-adhesive, therefore dirt and pollution can no longer adhere to it. PV modules which have been coated by SolarSkin acquire both hydrophobic (water-repellent) and oleophobic properties. As a result, the various contaminants are easily washed away by water, i.e. either by rainfall, or by rinsing with potable water (distilled water is not necessary). The most important advantages of SolarSkin at a glance: Easy cleaning of spots and stains. Self-cleaning under rainfall. PV Glass restoration. Increment of clarity and transparency-improvement of power efficiency. High Resistance to hard water and cleansers. Protection from acid rain and environmental pollution. Reduction of mildew, protection from pollen, bird droppings, etc. High Resistance to temperature changes. Reduction of mechanical degradation (e.g. scratches) and chemical wear or corrosion of the protective glass of solar modules. Reduction of downtime during cleaning cycles. Protection of the environment, due to reduced use of water, detergents and cleansers. High endurance, long-lasting properties for at least seven years. Certified by NCSR Demokritos, National Technical University of Athens & TUV

Mailing Address:
40 Dodekanisou
Thessaloniki, GR 56728

Tel: +302310809414



Company Category: Solar Power

Company Sector: Distributor

Keywords: Nanotechnology, self cleaning, protection

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