SolarPACES conference, Online Event, 27th of Solar Power& Chemical Energy Systems

SolarPACES conference is the foremost symposium for the who's who in concentrating solar power and chemical energy systems. It offers a forum for research, industry, politics and financing stakeholders within the framework of a scientific conference program with leading world experts.

The conference topics are:

• Advanced materials, manufacturing, and components
• Commercial Projects
• Emerging and Disruptive Concepts
• Measurement Systems, Devices, and Procedures
• CSP Integration, Markets, and Policy
• Power Cycles
• Solar Industrial Process Heat and Thermal Desalination
• Operations, Maintenance, and Component Reliability
• Analysis and Simulation of CSP and Hybridized Systems
• Solar Fuels and Chemical Commodities
• Solar Resource Assessment
• Thermal Energy Storage Materials, Media, and Systems
• Solar Collector Systems
• Receivers and Heat Transfer Media and Transport: Linear Systems
• Receivers and Heat Transfer Media and Transport: Point Focus Systems

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