John Stauber, co-author of Mad Cow U.S.A: Could the Nightmare Happen Here to present keynote address

The appearance of mad cow disease in the US was predicted six years prior in the book, Mad Cow U.S.A. Co-author John Stauber will present a keynote address at the Renewable Energy and Sustainable Living Fair June 19th.

Bovine spongiform encephalopathy (BSE, also known as mad cow disease) has surfaced in Great Britain, France, Switzerland, Canada, Spain, Germany, Japan, Russia, and, as of December 22, 2003, in the United States as well. Health authorities consider it to be the most likely cause of a new variant of Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease (vCJD), a fatal brain disease that, as of May 2003, has affected 139 people worldwide. Americans are now being alerted to the fact that BSE presents a health threat in the United States .

The appearance of mad cow disease in the US was predicted six years prior in the book, Mad Cow U.S.A. This chronicle of government cave-in to pressure from the food industry just might scare away your appetite for beef. Co-Author John Stauber argues that both the American and British governments colluded with beef producers to suppress important facts about interspecies transmission of mad cow disease-facts that might have prevented gruesome deaths. Stauber fears grave consequences for public health, and makes a convincing case against agricultural product disparagement laws--and, inadvertently, for vegetarianism.

Stauber will present a keynote address Saturday afternoon, June 19th, 2004 at the Renewable Energy and Sustainable Living Fair (a.k.a. Energy Fair). The Fair, the world's largest renewable energy educational event, is returning to Custer, WI June 18-20, 2004. This event attracts over 13,000 environmentally conscientious people from around the world. The Fair, hosted by the Midwest Renewable Energy Association (MREA), provides fairgoers with entertainment, speakers, workshops, exhibitors, and like-minded people all interested in preserving the earth and our standard of living through renewable energy and sustainable living.

For more information about Stauber's address or the 2004 Renewable Energy and Sustainable Living Fair, contact the MREA at 715-592-6595, or visit their website at:

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