Inventor Develops The Most Effective Lead Acid Battery Enhancement in Desulfator Technology

Green Builders and Solar/Wind Power users can improve the life of their battery banks. Build up of sulfate crystals is the main cause of battery failures. Now there is a new and simple solution. Battery Life Saver works on lead acid batteries to restore the battery to its original condition.

Clearwater, FL - A Florida inventor has created a device that enriches the life of home electrical systems by lengthening the life of lead acid batteries. The newest of his many patents is an electronic desulfator called the Battery Life Saver'. Chuck Van Breemen originally targeted the motor vehicle industry with his breakthrough, but recently took note of the booming advent of green living and the growing number of people who use batteries to power their homes. He wisely concluded they too can share in the benefit of his invention. When attached to the battery bank, Battery Life Saver' will increase energy efficiency, and dramatically reduce the expense of battery bank maintenance.

A homeowner in Nebraska, living in an off-grid home, reported he's been using the Battery Life Saver on his house batteries for a year. When he purchased the six telephone batteries they were used and sulfated. He has since observed a dramatic change after attaching the Battery Life Saver--the batteries drop to 12 volts over night where they used to drop to 11. This indicates that the batteries have more life in them now than when he initially bought them.

Chuck, inspired by his many years on the road as a former truck driver and mechanic felt the necessity to develop The Battery Life Saver'. For years, he felt something had to be done about the sulfate buildup in truck batteries. Owning and driving a 65 foot flatbed rig himself, Chuck understood this was an expensive problem for truckers and industry. He knew the sulfate crystals blocked electrolyte from reaching the battery plates preventing the flow of electricity and causing the premature demise of a battery. He observed that instead of the purported 5-6 years life span, batteries had to replaced within three years.

One day he decided to begin his journey to discovery. He delved into the study of batteries and the chemical reactions that occurred during the sulfation process. Soon after, he formed a hypothesis on how he could dissolve sulfate crystals drawing upon his experience as a truck suspension engineer. Van Breemen ushered in a new technology by discovering that low frequency square waves reverse the sulfation process. Subsequently, from the rigorous testing of wires, waves, and volts the Battery Life Saver' came to be.

Chuck informs the public that, "Off-grid success lies in having correctly balanced components like batteries and charging facilities that match the load from the house. Battery Life Saver' is an important part of this equation. Ultimately, it inexpensively increases the performance of the batteries and extends their life."

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