Global Cooling Wastes-To-Renewable Energy Technology

A 10-year effort to develop an alternative energy solution to stem global warming has resulted in a waste-to-renewable energy technology that delivers natural gas (methane), biodiesel fuel, and potable water at a 20% discount from retail while eliminating landfills and coal fired power plants.

WaterSmart Environmental, Inc. announces the scientific development of wastes-to-renewable energy technology that will reverse global warming if generally implemented throughout the world. The technology takes shape as Regional Biowaste Energy Industrial Parks. As a minimum, the wastes managed include both municipal solid wastes (MSW) and municipal sanitary wastewaters. The comprehensive technology includes algae fish farming and processing as well as microalgae lipid farming for the purpose of producing inexpensive biodiesel fuel. Fish farming is increasing worldwide due to the depletion of ocean fish. All of the fish processed by the regional energy parks will be Mercury free. It is well known that the Merury fall-out from coal fired power plants enters the world's food chain whether ocean or land grown. Once in the fish food chain Mercury eventually ends up in humans that eat fish. International Public Health Organizations have determined that Mercury and its compounds are toxic and exposure to excessive levels can permanently damage or fatally injure the brain and kidneys. For fetuses, infants, and children the primary health effects of Mercury are on neurological development. Adverse impacts on memory, attention, language, and other skills have been found in children exposed to moderate Mercury levels in the womb.

All of the wastes associated with fish farming and microalgae biodiesel production are anaerobically digested along with MSW and sanitary wastewaters to produce inexpensive methane gas and other co-products. Methane gas is a near equivalent to natural gas. Some of the methane gas, in turn, is used to generate inexpensive electricity. The carbon dioxide produced from anaerobic digestion is entirely used during fish farming and microalgae lipid farming through common photosynthesis. Photosynthesis coupled with carbon dioxide have been exclusively responsible for starting the food chain in oceans throughout the world for billions of years.

Communities that embrace this remarkable technology can forever reduce the cost of electricity, natural gas, and biodiesel fuel to its citizens and businesses by 20% The regional energy parks are being marketed on a build-own-operate basis. Marketplace project financing eliminates the necessity to raise property and sales taxes to pay for park construction. The company has committed to donate 50% of its annual park operating profits to each park community to enhance municipal employee pay and to help fund municipal projects--all made possible by the significant profits associated with this next generation waste-to-renewable energy technology. If the technology catches on throughout the nation and the world global warming will gradually reverse because of the consumptive depletion of carbon dioxide. Global warming is primarily caused by emissions of carbon dioxide from coal fired power plants. The carbon dioxide emissions, according to world scientists, spawn increased hurricanes, rising ocean levels, and other adverse weather conditions. Each park community automatically becomes a zero waste-to-landfill society as there are zero gaseous emissions to the environment and zero wastes to be landfilled. All communities are already highly interested in reducing the amount of wastes sent to landfills. The park technology will put the local landfill out of business because the park itself will beneficially process all municipal solid wastes by always offering less expensive disposal (called tipping fees) than the local landfill can economically offer. If sufficient fish farming and microalgae biodiesel production are practiced, each community becomes totally energy independent thereby eliminating the need to purchase electricity from its electricity providers, the need to purchase diesel fuel from its fuel providers, and the need to purchase natural gas from its natural gas providers.

In the normal application of the regional biowaste energy park technology high quality reverse osmosis (RO) water is produced as one of its several co-products. If the 250 communities within the famous Ogallala Aquifer implement this grand technology the entire aquifer will be completely recharged over time as the RO water is automatically donated to the aquifer. If the 350 communities and hundreds of animal farms within the Chesapeake Bay Watershed implement this fantastic technology the now damaged aquatic health of the Cheasapeake Bay will be entirely restored over time. South Florida can reverse its seawater intrusion problem and Mexico City can recharge its only water supply aquifer that is now undergoing alarming depletion using the same too-good-to-be-true technology. Aquifer depletion is already a massive problem in Europe, China, and Asia which makes the park technology quite attractive throughout the entire world.

The park technology fully complies with all Kyoto Protocols that protect against global warming. It took the company's research team almost ten years to overcome both technical and marketplace barriers in developing this unique technology. No other company worldwide has been able to develop a technology that reverses global warming. A complete business model has recently been drawn up and project developers are now being hired throughout the world. The parks will be developed in the same manner as all other real estate projects. High quality permanent jobs and a cleaner and cooler environment are always created with each and every regional biowaste energy industrial park. As more and more parks are developed global warming will gradually be reversed. As more and more cities become energy and fuel independent, their respective nations also become energy and fuel independent. Many world tensions are already being caused by competition for fossil based energy sources. The company's biomass based energy technology therefore represents a powerful and continuing force for world peace in addition to global cooling.

Canada's Minister of the Environment has favorably reviewed this technology. It now appears that the first North American project will be the municipality of Wallaceburg in the far western reaches of Ontario Province. Ontario Province passed a resolution in 2002 to phase out its 6 coal fired power plants. The Wallaceburg project promises to be one of many in Ontario to gradually enable the seamless departure of coal fired power plants in Ontario Province thereby serving as a splendid model for the entire world.

WaterSmart Environmental, Inc. is a provider of waste-to-energy technologies and a manufacturer of highly engineered water purification components and systems. The company designs and builds a wide variety of water treatment equipment including packaged water and wstewater treatment plants, UltraPaq(TM) aerobic package plants, OAT(TM) Process anaerobic digesters with associated energy production, aerators, filters, PuriSep(TM) and SmartWater(TM) oil/water and solids/liquids separators, RainDrain)TM) perimeter trench sand filters for stormwater runoff, dissolved air flotation separators, air strippers, complete skid assembled aqueous waste treatment plants, FilterFresh(TM) skid mounted potable water production plants, skid mounted wastewateer treatment systems for laundromats, commercial laundries, and car/truck wash facilities with water reclamation and reuse, softeners, demineralizers, activated carbon treatment equipment, and water purifiers for domestic and international markets.

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