National Solar Tour coming to town

The National Solar Tour is coming to towns across the United States the weekend of October 1 and 2. Thousands of homes, businesses, schools, churches, and buildings will be opened for the public to experience solar power and renewable energy, and cost saving energy efficiency technologies.

The American Solar Energy Society is organizing the National Solar Tour for the tenth consecutive year. The Tour is centered on October 1 and 2 and reaches tens of thousands of people who are interested in cutting costs and greenhouse emissions while improving the health of their environment and economics of their local communities. Tours can be found at

The National Solar Tour is expected to reach 43 states and D.C. this year through hundreds of tours organized through ASES chapters and independent organizers. Each tour has a unique identity but all serve the same purpose, to educate people on energy and cost saving technologies and green-building practices that support a sustainable energy economy.

Thousands of homes, businesses, schools, churches, and buildings will be opened for the public to experience solar power, renewable energy, and cost saving energy efficiency technologies. While most tours feature state-of-the-art solar electric and wind power technologies, many exhibit do-it-yourself methods that save energy and reuse materials. Some tours include hybrid and electric vehicles that are powered by the sun. Others illustrate the use of available technologies such as super-insulating panels, skylights, window coverings, and engineered overhangs that conserve energy.

This year many Net Zero Energy homes are featured. A Governor's residence, the Clinton Library, and a home in Baton Rouge that continued providing power after Hurricane Katrina are included in this years tour. Descriptions of local tours are found at the Tour website,

The National Solar Tour event this year will help tour attendees estimate costs and find solar professionals that can help harvest the benefits of sunshine. The new website, was developed by ASES with SEPA, DOE, and Energy Matters LLC for that purpose. provides preliminary cost estimates for solar electric and hot-water plus pool and spa heating. The website provides a directory of installers and manufacturers who can provide site specific assessments.

Through the National Solar Tour and, many will add to the value and comfort of their homes while benefiting their environment and local economy.

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