New Ethanol Fact Book Highlights Benefits of U.S. Ethanol Program

5th Edition of the Ethanol Fact Book Underscores 25 Years of Bipartisan Support

Washington, DC, September 10, 2007: According to a new report by a broad coalition of industry, government and non-profit organizations released here today, producing fuel ethanol in the United States generates jobs and wealth by processing domestic resources into clean burning transportation fuels. Thousands of jobs, increased farm income, and tax receipts in the hundreds of millions of dollars flow from the ethanol industry while costly petroleum imports are replaced by American made fuel.

Published by the Clean Fuels Development Coalition and distributed through the Ethanol Across America campaign, the Ethanol Fact Book addresses issues regarding the ethanol tax incentive, energy security and oil import reductions, economic impacts and benefits to the U.S. Treasury, greenhouse gas reduction and environmental benefits, and advancements in cellulose conversion technologies. In addition, developments in flexible fuel vehicle production and current issues such as food versus fuel and net energy balance are addressed.

U.S. Senator Ben Nelson (D-NE) Co-Chair of the Ethanol Across America campaign said, "This year, with the Farm Bill and the Energy Bill, Congress has two major opportunities to drastically expand and enhance our nation's use of renewable fuels. Ethanol is a common thread with these important bills. Through the Ethanol Across America education program, we are getting the facts out and believe when people understand the wide range of benefits ethanol provides they will continue to support it. The Clean Fuels Development Coalition has done a tremendous job in educating the public about this issue through this fact book," said Nelson. "This information will help us in our efforts to reduce our dependence on foreign oil, protect our environment and promote economic growth through ethanol and other renewable fuels."

U.S. Senator Richard Lugar (R-IN), co-chair of the Ethanol Across America campaign, said, "America's insatiable appetite for oil places our country in a precarious situation of reliability on regions of the world that have become increasingly hostile to us. Increasing the development and production of renewable fuels such as ethanol will help ensure national and economic security. As the Ethanol Fact Book illustrates, with high oil prices ethanol production becomes even more important and farmers growing corn, and other energy crops, will add to our nation's energy security while helping our communities prosper."

According to Douglas A, Durante, Executive Director of the Clean Fuels Development Coalition, while ethanol has been widely covered in the media, little if any of the criticism in recent months has a basis in fact. "Ethanol is a complex and multi-faceted issue that needs to be viewed in its entirety. Its value is truly the sum of its parts and this fact book clearly defines the energy security, economic, environmental, and national benefits derived from our ethanol industry," said Durante.

According to Keith Collins, Chief Economist at the U.S. Department of Agriculture, the Fact Book makes the case that net farm income is increasing and rural jobs have been directly related to the construction boom in ethanol plants. And, USDA has taken the lead in assessing the net energy balance of ethanol production and definitively found it provides a net gain, producing far more energy than is consumed.

From the perspective of America's automobile manufacturers, Keith Cole, Director Legislative and Regulatory Affairs for General Motors said, "We believe ethanol offers an immediate and substantial opportunity to reduce imported oil while providing a range of environmental benefits. E85 ethanol can significantly reduce greenhouse gases and through the next generation of flexible fuel vehicles can be used easily throughout the country."

"We are encouraged by the growth of ethanol production and the positive benefits it can have to enhance America's energy security and reduce greenhouse gas emissions in transportation," said Curt Magleby, Director, U.S. State and Local Government Relations, Ford Motor Company. "We look forward to the development of supporting fueling infrastructure and new production, distribution and retail alliances that will expand access and value for our growing base of E85 flexible fuel vehicle customers - creating a real alternative fuel choice. The Ethanol Fact Book addresses the key drivers in this vision."

Tom Buis, President of the National Farmers Union is one of the sponsors of the Fact Book and said, "As fuels from the farm continue to play a greater role in diversifying our energy supply, some will question our ability to meet both food and fuel needs. This Fact Book illustrates what we have seen firsthand, America's farmers and ranchers are indeed up to the challenge and will continue providing the most abundant food supply in the world while contributing to our nation's energy solution."

Brian Jennings, Executive Vice President, American Coalition for Ethanol, said "Ethanol is one of the most compelling American success stories of our lifetime. With its benefits for U.S. agriculture, the economy, the environment, and the nation's quest for energy security, ethanol is reshaping the way we approach America's energy supply. It is imperative that ethanol's story be told, and the Ethanol Fact Book is a key component in the industry's efforts to communicate this message."

According to CFDC member Company E3 BioFuels, the 2007 Ethanol Fact Book is an excellent resource for those who want to learn about history, current status and future of the ethanol industry. "More importantly, the book addresses critical issues such as the economic and military consequences of foreign-oil dependency, domestic ethanol's contributions to the environment and job creation, and it helps dispel numerous myths against ethanol's use and viability. We salute the CFDC in its efforts to remind the public that ethanol makes a vital contribution to our country's renewable energy portfolio."

The Ethanol Fact Book and additional information is available at or through the offices of the Clean Fuels Development Coalition, the American Coalition for Ethanol, the Ethanol Promotion and Information Council, and numerous other outlets.

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