All-Energy '08, the UK's largest renewable energy exhibition and conference (Aberdeen, 21-22 May 2008) it is already breaking records. There is already much more space booked than was sold in total in 2006; and the figure is fast closing on the total space taken up by All-Energy '07 in May.

There may be over seven months to go before All-Energy '08, the UK's largest renewable energy exhibition and conference, is staged in Aberdeen (21-22 May 2008), but it is already breaking records. There is already much more space booked than was sold in total in 2006; and the figure is fast closing on the total space taken up by All-Energy '07 in May.

The 2007 show was certainly a record-breaking success with over 4000 participants, well over 200 conference speakers and 350 exhibiting companies. "We had 40 per cent more people at All-Energy '07 than were at the 2006 show," explains Paul Stott, managing director of Media Generation Events Ltd, who run the annual show in partnership with Aberdeen Exhibition and Conference Centre. "Our exhibitor figure was up by 50 per cent, with exhibitors taking up 40 per cent more space than had been occupied by the show in 2006.

"Now we are preparing for a much bigger show in 2008, with some 3,700m2 of space available to exhibitors, and are delighted the UK Energy Minister Malcolm Wicks has agreed t deliver a keynote address on opening morning. Already far, far more space has been sold and put on 'hold' than the 2006 show took up in total, and we're rapidly moving up on the total amount of space used at All-Energy '07. Yes, space really is selling like those proverbial hot cakes!"

All-Energy '08, the eighth in the series, featuring all sources of renewable energy and incorporating H208 - the pavilion and conference aimed at hydrogen and fuel cell specialists and users, will draw on the unrivalled success of the 2007 show and, as has become its firmly held ethos, reflect the mood and activities of the industry.

"When All-Energy was launched in 2001 it dealt entirely with the 'wet and windy'. Since then the content of both the conference and exhibition have broadened to mirror what is going on throughout the renewable energy industry," explains the show's project director, Judith Patten. "Naturally wind and marine renewables remain key (indeed there were 15 wave and tidal devices on show in the 2007 exhibition); but bioenergy, hydrogen and fuel cells, hydro, carbon capture and storage, microgeneration and CHP have increasingly all come under the All-Energy exhibition banner - and conference spotlight."

The free-to-attend conference has developed to encompass critical issues - such as the grid; finance and funding; health and safely; supply chains; skills shortages - as well as renewable sources. Past years have seen special sessions introduced aimed at farmers; communities; the professionals interested in the installation of all forms of microgeneration; and cover clean coal and the nuclear industry as well. Many of these sessions will feature again next May, and it is highly likely that key issues including attracting people to work in the industry and energy efficiency will have an important role to play. Suggestions for topics, and 250-word abstracts are invited, and should be sent to

Transport in the spotlight
With the launch of the UK's Road Transport Fuels Obligation (RTFO) in April 2008, naturally All-Energy '08 will be looking at the role of renewable energy in transport, with a true 'source to tank' view in the bioenergy session; and in the H208 sessions where the theme of the conference is 'Hydrogen & Fuel Cells in the Real World - Applications in Transportation & Power Generation'.

"All-Energy '08 will continue to evolve and reflect what the industry wants to see and hear about," says Judith Patten. "Our strong conference steering group, made up of representatives of some 30 key organisations, will be meeting later this year to start planning the conference. We are extremely grateful for their ongoing support and encouragement."

All-Energy is held in association with BWEA and Scottish Renewables, with The Society for Underwater Technology as its learned society patron; and there are 25 other endorsing organisations.

Further information on all aspects of All-Energy - including the current floorplan, rapidly growing list of exhibitors (over a hundred already), space costs and sponsorship opportunities - is available at, from the project office at 34 Ellerker Gardens, Richmond, Surrey TW10 6AA, UK and from

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