Carmanah Technologies named 2007 NRC-IRAP Award winner for New Technology in BC/Yukon Region

Canadian Manufacturers & Exporters in partnership with NRC-IRAP, today honoured Victoria's Carmanah Technologies with the 2007 Innovation Award for new technology.

VANCOUVER --Canadian Manufacturers & Exporters in partnership with NRC-IRAP, today honoured Victoria's Carmanah Technologies with the 2007 Innovation Award for new technology. Two other well known BC firms; Strangeloop Networks of Vancouver, and Hydrogen Technology and Energy Corporation (HTEC) located in North Vancouver were also recognized as finalists for the 2007 Innovation Award.

"Carmanah's leading-edge innovation in the area of solar powered LED lighting solutions technology has earned the company a reputation of a global leader," said Werner Knittel, CME BC Vice President. "CME and NRC-IRAP are proud to honour a deserving company like Carmanah - a company that displays the unique and innovative capacity of British Columbia enterprises."

Carmanah Technologies Corporation is a world leader in the design and manufacture of solar powered LED (light emitting diode) lighting solutions. The Victoria, BC-based company has offices across Canada, the U.S. and the U.K. The company is currently focused on three technology groups: solar powered LED lighting, solar powered systems (off grid and grid tie), and LED illuminated signage. Its customers include a wide range of government, commercial and private users worldwide, with more than 250,000 installations in 110 countries.

In 2003, Carmanah entered the aviation market with solar powered, LEDs for taxiway and obstruction lighting solutions for airports. It has now become a specialist in airfield lighting, including portable units, emergency runway lighting, runway edge lighting, and helipad edge lighting, all of which meet ICAO standards and which are currently being evaluated by FAA. In 2006, the company introduced its latest LED technology with Model A704-5, which includes wireless control, dual function infrared, for night use, and visible spectrum daytime application, and a wide-angle lens. "This new technology is safer because it's brighter, has a wide angle lens, and lights can be controlled from the tower or by the pilots themselves depending on the prevailing conditions. It is also less costly to install and maintain than hard-wired lighting systems and lessens the environmental impact. "The future for this technology is bright. An estimated 7,000 general aviation airports in the U.S. alone have no lighting and often, no readily available power supply. LED technology not only makes lighting available, but also offers it at an affordable installation and operational cost.

The 2007 NRC-IRAP Regional Award for New Technology recognizes innovative excellence in the development and application of new process manufacturing technologies in Canada. IRAP's ITAs work with SMEs across Canada to help increase their innovative and technological capacity.

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