Acumentrics Technology Complements Senator's Energy Independence Goals

WESTWOOD, Mass. January 15, 2008 -- Massachusetts Senator John Kerry (D-MA) visited the facilities of Acumentrics Corporation, a leading developer of solid oxide fuel cell systems ("SOFCs"), to meet with the company's management and employees and better understand the value of Acumentrics' technology in addressing the issue of energy independence.

"It's important for our nation to become more energy efficient and energy independent," said Kerry, Chairman of the Senate Committee on Small Business and Entrepreneurship. "Fuel cells are energy efficiency devices that use less fuel to produce more power and heat, while saving money and protecting our environment at the same time. Acumentrics has made tremendous progress in developing fuel cells that can address the needs of our nation and the world."

During the visit, the Senator discussed his efforts to help emerging energy technologies enter the marketplace as well as the economic and environmental benefits that could be produced through these new technologies. He also learned about the company's involvement in sectors such as defense and its desire to continue adding jobs in Massachusetts.
SOFCs are one of the most efficient and cleanest power-generating systems currently being developed.

Acumentrics' highly efficient, fuel-flexible systems have operated at an overall efficiency of more than double that of similar-sized diesel generator sets. SOFCs also operate on a variety of hydrocarbon fuels, such as methane or propane, as well as "green fuels" like bio-diesel that are increasingly being produced in the United States.

"The Senator clearly understands the direct economic and environmental benefits of energy efficiency to homeowners, businesses, the military and all energy consumers," said Gary Simon, President and CEO of Acumentrics. "Our company is projecting strong growth in 2008 and has new opportunities developing in many markets."

About Acumentrics
Acumentrics' unique, durable, fuel-flexible tubular ceramics-based fuel cell technology has exceeded performance standards in U.S. Department of Energy Solid-State Energy Conversion Alliance (SECA) Phase I tests, demonstrated the ability to operate for 1300 hours on synthetic JP-8 fuel, become the first biogas-fueled SOFC system in an installation at the innovative GlashusEtt environmental information center in Stockholm, and received a 2007 New England Innovation Award from the Smaller Business Association of New England. Acumentrics also sells rugged, uninterruptible power supplies (UPS) to the military and other mission-critical markets.

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