Fat Spaniel and EnerWorks Partner for Smart Solar Hot Water Systems

Fat Spaniel Technologies, Inc., the market leader in providing monitoring and reporting services for distributed energy systems, today announced a partnership with renewable energy systems manufacturer EnerWorks Inc. to deliver smart solar hot water systems.

Fat Spaniel Technologies, Inc., the market leader in providing monitoring and reporting services for distributed energy systems, today announced a partnership with renewable energy systems manufacturer EnerWorks Inc. to deliver smart solar hot water systems. The joint product offering integrates Fat Spaniel's monitoring and reporting services with EnerWorks' award winning Solar Energy Units for commercial and industrial-scale hot water generation. The turnkey solution enables simplified installation, maintenance and billing to maximize return on investment for customers throughout North America.

"By combining our trusted energy monitoring and monetization capabilities with EnerWorks' innovative solar thermal products, we are working together to streamline every aspect of solar hot water, from system deployment through operations and maintenance, which maximizes return on investment," said Chris Beekhuis, president and CTO of Fat Spaniel Technologies. "Fat Spaniel-enabled solar hot water systems expand our service offering across the growing clean and distributed energy market."

"The flexibility of Fat Spaniel's technology makes for easy integration with EnerWorks' leading-edge solar thermal products," said Ken Arnold, CEO of EnerWorks. "By delivering web-accessible views for our end users, verifiable billing information for utilities or third-party investors and improved operations and maintenance tools for our installers and owners, Fat Spaniel has proven to be a true partner for EnerWorks in providing a total solar water heating solution designed with an operating life of 25 years."

EnerWorks Solar Energy Systems complement existing electric, natural gas, propane or oil-powered water heating services, providing users with clean energy and a real reduction in their monthly utility bill. With metered solar hot water, utilities can shed load without it impacting their revenues. Designed for use in larger hot water applications such as hospitals, long-term care facilities, hotels, condos, apartments, community and recreation centers, pools and office buildings, Fat Spaniel's integrated monitoring system remotely tracks water flow and temperature data as well as ambient weather conditions. Greenhouse gas emission reductions and system operating performance can be viewed live on the web, on a lobby or elevator monitor, or from anywhere on a smartphone.

Fat Spaniel's real-time and historical information services enable lower cost system maintenance and accurate billing information for third-party operators and Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) service providers. In addition, Fat Spaniel's Insight Manager' real-time portal helps owners and installers who are responsible for multiple renewable energy systems to efficiently monitor and manage all those systems through a consolidated interface. According to EnerWorks' Ken Arnold, "as our customers move from pilot systems to large-scale deployments, the multi-site management capabilities of Insight Manager will be critical to realizing potential operating efficiencies."

As part of the joint offering, EnerWorks supplies and installs the system through its project partners. Customers then have the option to enter into an agreement for Fat Spaniel's monitoring and reporting services.

About Fat Spaniel Technologies
Based in San Jose, Calif., Fat Spaniel Technologies, Inc. is the leading provider of monitoring and reporting services for distributed, renewable energy systems - enabling more efficient diagnostics and maintenance, more compelling visualization, and more usable revenue-grade data for billing, REC trading and performance-based incentives. Fat Spaniel acts as an independent monitoring service provider and delivers information that is used by system owners, system installers, PPA service providers, equipment manufacturers, project financing firms, renewable energy credit markets and energy utility regulatory agencies. The company specializes in renewable energy systems including grid-tied solar electric, solar water heating and wind. Fat Spaniel products are presently deployed in over 1,100 locations in 12 countries worldwide. Fat Spaniel is funded by Chrysalix Energy, Element Partners, Ignition Partners, PCG Clean Energy & Technology Fund and Applied Ventures, LLC, the venture capital arm of Applied Materials, Inc. For more information, see www.fatspaniel.com.

About EnerWorks
EnerWorks, Inc. is North America's leading solar thermal technology provider. With proven, patented technology and certified systems, EnerWorks offers high quality, reliable and cost effective renewable energy solutions to the North American market.

EnerWorks develops and manufactures proprietary renewable energy appliances for residential, commercial and industrial markets. In the residential market, EnerWorks' solar water heating appliances meet all applicable certifications, complement existing water-heating services and provide users with clean energy and a real reduction in energy costs. In the commercial and industrial markets, EnerWorks is at the forefront of turnkey solar thermal solutions, working with local partners to design, install, commission and maintain solar thermal heating systems.

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