The new series of high-power photovoltaic modules for grid-connected sytems: the best choice for designers and installers. Helios Technology will take part at 23rd European Photovoltaic Solar Energy Conference in Valencia (1st to 5th September 2008)

Helios Technology offers to the field operators the new series of high-power photovoltaic modules for grid-connected sytems HT 200/230 P. This thanks to the multicrystallyne silicon cells used for them, that are produced directly by Helios Technology in their factory in Carmignano di Brenta (PD), Italy. In fact the brand new 30 MWp production line, realized with innovative machines that exploit advanced technologies, allows to get high-performance cells with thikness downto 180 micron. In this way Helios Technology, main Italian Company producing cells, modules and photovoltaic accessories, with its 26-years experience, wishes to give a resolute answer to the market that nowadays is asking products with high performances, minimum space taken up, long durability and low costs.

Helios Technolgy modules HT 200/205/210/215/220/225 and 230P, with a peak power from 200 up to 230 Wp, are composed by 60 "full square" high-efficiency multicristalline cells of 156x156mm, for a total area of 1679x994mm, a weight of 22,5kg and an efficiency from 12% up to 13,8%.
The choice of such a wide range of power sizes comes out from Helios Technology's wish to guarantee modules with homogeneus output power (Tolerance +3%) besides allowing the designers flexible an optimized configurations, for more and more efficient grid-connected systems.
Designed to operate even under the most adverse environmental conditions, Helios Technology modules are guaranteed 25 years and they ensure an operating average lifetime of more than 35 years, thanks to particular assembly tricks that are the fruit of the experience developed by Helios Technology in this field.
The modules HT 200/230 P are able to stand the impact of hailstone of 25 mm diametre at 23 m/s (83km/h) and a wind load of N/m2 (200km/h). The module frame is in anodized aluminum and equipped with 4 slotted holes, that ensure the installer a fast and easy installation. The modules are provided with a waterproof Junction Box Multi-Contact® JPV-JB/S2/N with protection degree IP54, containing three bypass diodes and with two external Multi-Contact® 4 fast connectors. Moreover, every module is equipped with a preconnected Multi-Contact® FLEX-SOL cable of 2,1m length and 4mm2 section, provided with two Multi-Contact® 4 fast connectors, in way to make easier the connection in series of the modules during cabling.
The HT 200/230 P modules are certified according to the rules CEI/IEC61215 Ed. 2.0 and CEI/IEC 61730-1-2, with a Class II insulation maximum voltge of 1000 VDC. These two rules of recent conception include brand new thermal and mechanical tests on the module never considered before. For this reason the HT 200/230 P modules are CE compliant too, with Safety Class II insulation, very reliable, safe and certainly competitive on an International level. They surely represent the best choice for designers and installers in the realization of grid-connected photovoltaic systems.

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