Silfab S.p.A - Italian solar grade polysilicon - announced that SAS' Board has approved to invest in Silfab an amount of €30 million equity. This investment brings the total equity capital raised to date of €84 million.

(Padova, Italy, August 29, 2008) — Silfab S.p.A., an emerging producer of solar-grade polysilicon, announced this week that SAS' Board has approved to invest in Silfab an amount of €30 million equity, Sino-American Silicon Product Inc. (SAS) is a Taiwanese manufacturer of polysilicon wafers for use in both photovoltaic and semiconductor industries.

According to Franco Traverso, Silfab Chairman and CEO, Silfab will use the funds from the investment to build its initial polysilicon manufacturing plant, located in Borgofranco d'Ivrea (Turin), in Italy's Piedmont region. Production of up to 5,000 metric tons per year of ultra-high quality 9N grade polysilicon is scheduled to begin Q4 2009, making Silfab one of the largest manufacturers of high-purity polysilicon destined for use in the fast-growing PV industry.

In addition to the investment, SAS has agreed to a long term purchase contract of 500 metric tons per year of ultra-pure polysilicon for six years, starting in 2010.

"We are pleased that an experienced photovoltaic and semiconductor player such as SAS has chosen to partner with Silfab." said Traverso. "SAS has a strong history of supplying these industries and recognizes the considerable value of the high purity nature of our product."

Traverso, a pioneer in the photovoltaic sector with more than 25 years experience, announced in August that he and a strategic partner, Pan Asia Solar, had invested the initial €54 million in Silfab, which in addition to the €30 million invested by SAS, brings the total equity capital raised to date of €84 million. "With this investment, we have met our initial capital-raising goals, and are squarely on track to meet our original project schedule." said Traverso. "Silfab is building strategic relationships with partners who truly understand the PV industry, and who will support our growth in very meaningful ways."

Doris Hsu, President of SAS, commented that "Finding reliable, high-quality producers of polysilicon has been a significant challenge for many fast-growing companies in the solar industry, and we believe that this will continue to be true in the future. Our investment in Silfab provides SAS with a fast-growing partner capable of providing a high-purity solution to meet this challenge."

"We look forward to working with Silfab to support their growth and identifying more ways our companies can collaborate." Hsu added.

Sino-American Silicon Products Inc., incorporated in Taiwan in 1981, is principally engaged in the research, development, manufacture and sale of silicon wafers and ingots. The Company offers silicon products, including non-polished wafers, polished wafers, heavily-doped substrates and diffused wafers; solar products, including mono crystalline wafers and multi crystalline wafers, as well as oxide single crystal products, including sapphire wafers.. The Company distributes its products in the domestic market and to overseas markets, including the rest of Asia, the Americas, Europe and Australia.

Headquartered in Padua, Italy, Silfab S.p.A was established in 2007 with the purpose of producing high-quality solar-grade polysilicon in Italy and becoming a global leader in the supply of polysilicon wafers to the photovoltaic industry. The company's founders have extensive experience in the PV industry and have partnered with industry-leading engineering firms and equipment providers to establish a team with knowledge and demonstrated success in polysilicon technology and production.

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