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Passive Houses at the CEP CLEAN ENERGY POWER 2009

Passive Houses at the CEP CLEAN ENERGY POWER 2009

The Passive House is not a brand name, but THE worldwide leading building standard for energy saving construction. It is energy efficient, economical, sustainable and above all comfortable. While providing a high standard of living comfort, it uses 90 percent less heating energy than an old building and 75 percent less than a conventional modern construction according to the energy saving ordinance EnEV. Passive Houses help to reduce costs and protect the environment.

The subject of Passive Houses will be the dominant theme at the CEP CLEAN ENERGY POWER in the New Stuttgart Trade Fair Center from January 29th-31st, 2009. About a quarter of the entire trade fair will deal with this topic. Many noteworthy companies within the industry such as BASF SE as a gold sponsor, AEREX HaustechnikSysteme GmbH, Lignotrend Produktions GmbH, ISOQUICK GmbH & Co. KG, Finnforest Deutschland GmbH, MISAPOR AG, LTM GmbH, Zehnder GmbH comfosystems, Internorm Fenster GmbH, PAUL Wärmerückgewinnung GmbH, Max Weishaupt GmbH, VARIOTEC Sandwichelemente GmbH & Co. KG, Viessmann Werke GmbH & Co., Drexel und Weiss Deutschland GmbH, Ludwig Häußler Gmbh, Bosch Thermotechnik GmbH and many others will set the tone at the CEP 2009.

The highlighted trade fair area will proceed under the motto "Passive House experience" and will offer solutions and answers regarding Passive Houses. The Passive House course has something to offer the senses. Single sections of the Passive House will be presented in a hands-on exhibit, allowing visitors to feel and experience the Passive House. The advantages of this building standard can thus be presented through a live experience instead of merely through raw numbers.

The heart of this area will be the Passive House Cafe. Here, visitors can make contacts and participate in informative consultations in a more relaxed and laid back atmosphere. In addition, the Passive House Cafe will offer free reports from experts on the theory, practical applications and trends surrounding the passive house on all three days of the trade fair.

The topic of Passive Houses will be discussed in an international forum at the "European PassiveHouse Conference" on January 30th, 2009. As a strong partner for the event, we were able to win the Energy Research Centre of the Netherlands, which is also responsible for the coordination of the EU project Promotion of European Passive Houses. The main theme this year will be the topic of the building envelope.

The two day European cooperation forum "Energy Efficient Construction and Renovation" with business matching will also enhance the construction portion further and offer additional possibilities for a global exchange.

"I am already looking forward to this unique trade fair appearance in Stuttgart. The collective number of noteworthy exhibitors from the Passive House industry, the many highlights and the blend of theory and practice make the CEP the Passive House trade fair par excellence. This is where anyone can find the newest trends and innovations to come a step closer to the construction standard of the future." -Manuela Gänsler, Sales of Passive House and Energy Efficiency at REECO GmbH.

The CEP CLEAN ENERGY POWER will take place from January 29th-31st, 2009 in the New Stuttgart Trade Fair Center. The entry ticket costs €15 on Thursday and Friday, and €10 on Saturday. The trade fair is open from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. on Thursday and Friday and from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. on Saturday.

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