MECASOLAR and PROINSO awarded orders for 14 MW for Italy, Greece and Spain

Both companies, who form part of the OPDE Group, will supply fixed structures, trackers, modules and invertors for solar photovoltaic plants located in the regions of Puglia (Italy, 10.5 MW); Kilikis (Greece, 1 MW) and Valladolid (Spain, 2.5 MW).

MECASOLAR and PROINSO who form part of the OPDE Group were recently awarded several orders for the supply of various solar photovoltaic plants in Italy, Greece and Spain which together reach 14 MW of power and have been made by different developers and construction companies in the three countries.

In particular, MECASOLAR will manufacture the trackers and fixed structures and PROINSO will distribute the modules, structures, MS-2E TRACKER 10+, MS 3- C and MS-3T FIX, as well as SMA Sunny Boy 3300, TL 5000 and TL 10,000 invertors for the solar photovoltaic plants located in the regions of: Puglia (Italy), where the orders obtained for the three solar plants have reached 10.5 MW; in the region of Kilikis (Greece), 1 MW; and Valladolid (2.5 MW).

Regarding the supply of trackers to Greece, noteworthy is the fact that MECASOLAR has once more reached the top in solar plants with the biggest tracker installed in the country. The largest so far was 300 kW and was located in Killikis, and was also from MECASOLAR.

New orders in Spain, Italy and Greece support the excellent reception on the national and international market enjoyed by the new fixed structures manufactured by MECASOLAR and distributed exclusively by PROINSO, which were formally presented in the recent edition of the SOLAREXPO fair held in Verona (Italy).

Therefore, according to reports from the company, orders made in the three countries exclusively for fixed structures and solar trackers have already reached 4 million and are expected to reach 40 MW in the near future, given that MECASOLAR and PROINSO are finalizing other projects with local developers in these countries.

"Record Time"

According to reports from the Group, the order of 13 MW of fixed structures will be performed in a record time of six weeks from June 1, period when both PROINSO and MECASOLAR will supply the entire structure installed in the solar farm. Moreover, the solar trackers for Kilkis will be manufactured by the factory that the company opened last year in Thessaloniki (Greece).

Regarding the domestic market, the order of fixed structures for the 2.5 MW solar plant in Valladolid (plant assigned to the First Call of RD 1578), adds to the various projects that MECASOLAR and PROINSO are supplying and will be supplying in Spain. This is the case, among others, of the Valtierra farm (Navarra) I and II of 4 MW on the Second Call, where MECASOLAR trackers have been installed.

The international launch of both the fixed structures such as the seasonal azimuth 1-axis trackers, in addition to the 2- axis solar trackers that MECASOLAR manufacture at its two plants in Spain (Navarra and Badajoz), and at its plant in Greece (Thessaloniki) will continue to make their presence felt from 27 to May 29 at the Intersolar trade fair to be held in Munich (Germany). In this event, both companies have placed high expectations.

Entry into Greece, Italy and United States

OPDE Group currently has a MECASOLAR production plant (1 and 2-axis trackers and fixed structures) in Greece, in full operation in the city of Thessaloniki. In this country, besides having launched the company MECASOLAR Hellas, the Group has established PROINSO Hellas, as a distribution and engineering company for the markets in Greece, Bulgaria the and East Mediterranean countries.

Another goal in the internationalization strategy of the Group is Italy, where it already has new commercial offices for both MECASOLAR Italy, and PROINSO Italy, located in Milan and where a new factory is also scheduled to open later this year in the south of the country.

In addition to Italy and Greece, which are becoming realities, expansion forecasts for the OPDE Group point to the U.S., a market in which it is already operating and where it has technical offices in San Francisco (California). In the U.S. market, the Group expects to take off from the second half of this year. In fact, this year it will attend the Intersolar USA and SOLAR POWER EXPO fairs in California, to develop projects in United States.

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