Smart eco-driving

Smart has unveiled a new green driving initiative called 'smart eco driving'.

The initiative is designed to encourage all drivers to adopt smarter driving techniques to enable them to save money and cut back on CO2 emissions via a smart tutorial. Green driving courses will also be available from Mercedes-Benz World later this summer. Motorists will be able to book a theory lesson to learn tips on how to effectively reduce both fuel consumption and emissions, as well as practical tuition with a professional eco-driving instructor where the techniques can be put into practice.

smart eco-driving expert, Mick Linford, comments; "The smart cdi is the greenest car on the road, but a smart driving tutorial can still help save money and CO2 emissions. With fuel prices rising, applying a smart approach to driving has obvious economic benefits, whatever car you are driving, and by learning how to get more out of a tank of fuel, motorists can make a difference to both their pocket and the environment."

Dermot Kelly, Managing Director Mercedes-Benz Cars said: "smart eco driving is something that all drivers can adopt to make a real difference to the amount CO2 they emit and the fuel they consume. If every driver on the road follows these simple techniques, we will together reduce emissions and fuel consumption by up to 20%".

At the centre of the smart driving initiative are the G A S principals, three easy to remember steps that will see a typical driver save between 15-20% on fuel and emissions.

Gears - stay in as high a gear as you can, for as much of your journey as possible
Anticipation - look well ahead and adapt your speed to what is happening in the distance
Smooth Driving - accelerate and brake as little as possible to maintain momentum, thus saving fuel

Additional smart driving tips include:
• Reduce driving speeds by 10mph where safe to - higher speeds use more fuel
• Regularly check tyre pressure - under-inflated tyres use more fuel and need replacing more regularly
• Air conditioning uses fuel so turn it off and open the window a fraction - ideally no more than 10% as full open windows can create drag
• Turn the engine off if stationary for more than 10 seconds - smart's mhd system does this automatically
• Cruise control can help minimise inadvertent variations in throttle
• Reduce loads - clear the boot of unnecessary junk
• Regularly check air and fuel filters, as well as spark plugs - clogged filters can reduce efficiency
• Roof racks increase drag - take them off when not in use
• Use the MPG indicator (trip computer) so you're always aware of how much fuel has been used
• Plan journeys well in advance and try to avoid times that will be congested

Eco driving lessons will be available from Mercedes-Benz World later this year.

The smart range of cars starts from £8,272.87 and is available through the Mercedes-Benz retail network. To find out more about the new smart fortwo cdi visit:

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