Lunera Lighting Heralds a New Era of Digital LED Lighting at Greenbuild Expo 2009

Dimmable, Ultra-thin LED Fixtures Demonstrated at Booth #1658(Lower Level)

Redwood City, Calif. (November 2, 2009) - Lunera Lighting, a designer, manufacturer, and marketer of next-generation digital LED lighting, will be showcasing its' ultra-thin, energy-efficient LED fixtures for general commercial lighting in Booth #1658 (lower level) at Greenbuild Expo 2009, held on November 11-13, 2009 at the Phoenix Convention Center in Phoenix, Arizona. The Lunera LED fixtures are currently shipping to fulfill client orders.

Attendees and press are invited to the Lunera press conference at 4:00pm Wednesday November 11th. Lunera executives including Michael Lesyna, Tom Quinn, and Bob Gardner will be joined by founders, Don Peifer and Mark Walsh, who will provide a comprehensive overview of the company, introduce the new LED lighting products, discuss the benefits of switching to a digital LED lighting system, and answer questions about the transition from fluorescents to LEDs. On Thursday November 12th, Lunera will also offer booth-side briefings with Peifer and Quinn at 10:00am and 2:00pm to introduce Quality of Light and discuss the dimmabilty of LED lighting.

As seen in the transition of other products from analog to digital, LED technology opens the door for innovation of the entire lighting system.

"Fluorescent lamps have dominated commercial general lighting for over 50 years but at a high cost to building owners, facility occupants, and the environment," commented Michael Lesyna, Lunera President and CEO. "Lunera's new digital LED lighting fixtures deliver consistently uniform, soft light while offering long-term energy and maintenance savings to commercial spaces."

Lunera 6400 Series
This artistic 4' x 6.7" Suspended Linear fixture is available in several temperatures and provides dimmable, soft, voluminous light ideal for the variety of applications such as open office spaces, schools, data centers, retail floors, and hospitals requiring uniform, daylight quality lighting.

Architects can use the fixture as a design feature while capturing LEED Certification points.
Facility owners demonstrate a commitment to sustainable building design and enjoy 25% to 50% energy savings and virtually no maintenance costs over the 15 to 18 year expected product lifespan.

Lunera 2200 Series
Replaces traditional fluorescent fixtures while using the existing ceiling grid layout and electrical infrastructure. The dimmable LED fixture provides uniform, daylight quality lighting ideal for offices, schools, and health care facilities. The Lunera 2200 Series 2' x 2' Grid Lay-In Fixtures offer an anodized aluminum finish with a variety of trim kits available.

The ultra-thin profile, ideal for low-plenum installations, allows more design freedom for building architects plus the benefit of qualifying for LEED Certification points.
Facility owners enjoy 25% - 50% energy savings and virtually no maintenance costs over an expected 15 to 18 year product lifespan.

Lunera LED Fixtures are made in the U.SA. and are UL, ETL, and FCC certified. The elegant, fully recyclable LED lighting fixtures are also RoHS compliant. The company meets IESNA recommended illumination levels and the fixtures are available in 3000K, 4000K, 5000K color temperatures to fit every design requirement. Lunera stands behind its products with a three-year warranty.

Parties interested in Lunera Lighting fixtures can contact Lunera at 650-241-3875 or by email at A Lunera lighting consultant is available to answer questions, provide information and create a free space evaluation to determine payback.

About Lunera Lighting
Lunera Lighting is a technology innovator leading the transformation of lighting from traditional fluorescent lighting to energy-efficient LEDs that produce soft, uniform light. It designs, manufactures, and markets high-performance LED lighting fixtures for the replacement of typical fluorescent fixtures. The company has created new lighting solutions that improve the quality of light for building occupants, lower operating costs for building owners, and support sustainable building design.

Made in the USA, Lunera's products adhere to clean manufacturing standards and are particularly attractive to clients seeking LEED certification, since LED lighting substantially impacts LEED points in "green" buildings. The company is a firm believer in social responsibility and has made it part of their corporate philosophy.

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