Electro Power Systems launches ElectroSelf, the first self-recharging hydrogen fuel cell system

Changing the economics of backup power and enabling greener networks in developing markets

Barcelona 16th February 2010 - Electro Power Systems SpA is launching ElectroSelf, the world's first entirely self-recharging hydrogen fuel cell technology at Mobile World Congress, Barcelona [stand 7IZ19 (Innovation Zone) in hall 7]. It is designed to deliver dependable backup power for mobile networks in any location whether off-grid, in locations with unreliable power, or in extreme climates. The self-contained and self-recharging fuel-cell system consumes only water, produces zero greenhouse gas emissions and can be installed to backup renewable or mains power. It releases mobile operators from much of the inconvenience of providing backup power through gensets and batteries. It drives operating expenses down, minimises maintenance, eliminates diesel refueling or battery replacement costs, and provides comprehensive remote power monitoring and control.

ElectroSelf fundamentally changes the economics of backup power provision. Initial capital expenditure is offset by a far lower total cost of ownership and an extended product life expectancy when compared with alternative solutions. It dramatically reduces the operating costs by eliminating any ongoing fuel costs, eliminating the cost for replacement of moving parts and allowing expensive maintenance visits to be less frequent. For example, it only requires minimal water top-up once per year.

ElectroSelf gives operators an opportunity to make a significant step towards greener networks and operations. It is a completely clean technology with minimal CO2 emissions in manufacture and zero CO2 or NOX emissions in operation. Unlike battery solutions it has no hidden toxic waste disposal cost. It is specifically designed to work with both renewable and grid power. It is particularly useful for off-grid installations because it enables the storage of renewable energy, which is never supplied constantly. For example, the fuel cell could store solar energy during the day and then support the station during hours of darkness.

Less frequent maintenance visits plus remote monitoring mean dramatically lower carbon emissions from maintenance personnel travel by car or truck. This smaller environmental footprint is matched by an ultra-neat physical footprint which requires no extra space for dedicated air-conditioning or cooling. Each ElectroSelf system is comprised of two units measuring just 600x800mm.

Adriano Marconetto, founder and CEO, Electro Power Systems SpA says: "ElectroSelf represents a huge opportunity for operators to make a step towards cleaner, greener networks. The industry is at a turning point when power for base stations will increasingly come either wholly or partly from renewable energy. These still need backup power, but that must come from clean energy too if networks are to become truly green. ElectroSelf can completely release operators from the difficulties of purchasing and supplying backup fuel. It is the only fuel cell solution which generates 100% of its own hydrogen, so is the first to promise the freedom and flexibility that operators need."

ElectroSelf can unleash true business benefits. It enables operators to expand far further off grid and into more extreme climates than legacy backup power technologies can tolerate. Combined with renewables as the main power source it can enable a base transceiver station to be located virtually anywhere on the planet. ElectroSelf can operate at any temperature between -20°C and 45° degrees and can be located indoors or outdoors even in extremes of climate. Such locations have always created maintenance challenges.

ElectroSelf has advanced control and power electronics that enable fully remote management and control over TCP IP or mobile connections. For operators looking to release the potential of rural communities, it also provides the potential for selling excess power back into the grid or for providing community power, creating a further potential revenue stream for operators to pursue more rapid payback at the edges of their network.
ElectroSelf is a closed system which is completely self-recharging. During power outages it generates power by combining Hydrogen (H2) and Oxygen (O2), producing only water as a by-product. The power system engages automatically whenever external power fails. Whenever power is available it generates its own hydrogen fuel by electrolysis of the demineralised waste water from the power generation phase. It does this automatically whenever there is external power available, keeping the H2 tank full.

About Electro Power Systems
Electro Power Systems was founded in 2005 and is based in Italy. It is an established player in the sector of fuel cell systems for mission-critical backup power applications. It won the Italian Innovation Award in 2005, was listed as one of the Global Cleantech 100 in 2009 and its new self-recharging ElectroSelf platform was named "Most Innovative Product Enabling a Greener World" at the GSMA's Mobile Innovation EMEA event in June 2009, even prior to launch. It has a robust Intellectual Property portfolio and a track record of successful innovation. It is confidently facing a growing market future working with fixed, mobile and broadband operators; plus TETRA networks and utilities companies around the world. Electro Power Systems SpA is an associate member of the GSM Association. More information can be found at www.electrops.it
ElectroSelf is a trademark of Electro Power Systems SpA.

Notes to editors
Product images are available. A white paper containing useful background information on the story is also available.

ElectroSelf is available to see on the ElectroPS stand at Mobile World Congress, Barcelona at stand 7IZ19 (Innovation Zone) in hall 7. Media visitors are welcome throughout the show, however a media launch event will be held at 11am on Wednesday February 17th on stand at which the CEO, senior executives and technicians will be available for interview.

Media contact information:
Sue Rizzello, Potion PR +44 7872 463999

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