Carbon Credited Farming Creates Energy Credit Program for Energy Utilities and Governments

Enables power producers and customers to mutually benefit from energy credits created from customer-generated efficiencies

LONDON, UK - April 21, 2010 - Carbon Credited Farming PLC (CCF), a green energy company, today announced its new Energy Credit Program that will enable volume grid and production efficiencies to be implemented through national and regional programs.

The CCF Energy Credits Program facilitates the implementation of scalable and auditable energy efficiencies through education, baseline auditing and practicable product and service applications, all of which result in volume job creation at the shop floor and management levels now and in the future. For business and consumer customers, the benefits are also clear - reduced costs of energy be it water or electricity, with a no cost power efficiency program.

"Based on our work in the industry, we have seen first-hand that generating power is only one element of the big picture," said Gregg Fryett, CEO of Carbon Credited Farming PLC. "Grid side efficiencies and their volume implementation not only build power production capacity, but they also route infrastructure capacity to market. And when analyzed financially, this is highly beneficial to governments, companies with cost control demands and for the power and grid companies who have a more efficient and profitable business model to apply."

Benefits to Power Companies:

CCF's Energy Credit Program creates customized programs for each power company with an initial focus on high volume, low margin users which accelerates the impact of the program on grid-based capacity pressure. In addition, the program provides for monitoring and implementation of customer efficiencies that are in line with a company's business. When customers adopt energy efficient activities or products (e.g., installation of high efficiency insulation, low power lighting, efficient air-conditioning systems, etc.) within their households or businesses, this reduces energy demands, and creates energy credits. These energy credits can be purchased by power companies.

Through the creation and purchase of energy credits, power companies will:
Reduce capacity loading, especially during peak demand times
Reduce and defer capital demand for grid and power production investment
Provide the ability to meet greenhouse gas emission targets
Increase revenues from current capacity by shifting from wholesale to retail markets

Benefits to Utility Customers:

Energy Credits are created by consumers adopting a series of energy efficient activities or products that reduce energy demands from electrical resources based on an audited baseline. These savings are monitored by the power producers through current billing systems and third party auditing. Through the creation and purchase of energy credits, customers will:
Reduce their energy bills
Finance some of these activities through the energy credit program
Reduce maintenance.

Benefits to Everyone:

The implementation of energy efficient activities considerably benefits the environment as it helps reduce the use of fossil fuels and aids the fight against global warming. Further energy saving activities can be created over time to further generate capacity volume through efficiency. Additionally, the program will also create green jobs and stimulate economic activity through the implementation and management of the efficiency processes while also freeing up working capital for businesses and residents alike through difficult financial times.

Through the creation and purchase of energy credits, the program will:
Make more efficient use of fossil fuels while we develop alternatives
Reduce global warming accordingly
Reduce equipment replacement and associated manufacturing and disposal costs which in itself has a considerable environmental impact

"It is clear from our core business of developing energy assets within the agribusiness and clean-tech sectors around the world that it is imperative to drive efficiencies into the electrical grid and production element of energy markets," continued Fryett. "Accordingly, we have developed this program into a commercially attractive framework for all parties that monitors efficiencies and incentives which generate bottom line savings for both customers and power companies."

About Carbon Credited Farming Plc

CCF is a UK-based PLC with a core focus on the development of green oil resources through Agroforestry in a growing number of locations, including Asia and Africa. New operations are constantly being added to dramatically expand and meet market demand. The renewable, sustainable fuel resources created by CCF work in parallel to the crude oil industry creating a real and scalable commercial alternative to crude oil and associated routes to market. CCF acts as a plantation developer (Oil Lease Operator) for larger clients with budgeted fuel or investment return requirements. For more information, please visit us at or email .

CCF is both socially and environmentally focused having developed the Global Conservation Standard, a conservation program and financing initiative for the environment and indigenous people ( ).

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