Save up to 50% on your electric bill month after month - for decades to come

With an affordable energy-saving package that makes it all possible.

With an affordable energy-saving package that makes it all possible.

SunWorks Solar is bundling our most popular and efficient energy-saving solutions to save you more. If your typical electric bill is $250, you could save up to $125 per month. It's a no-brainer because, with our special financing and pricing, your monthly savings could more than cover your payments. Even better, there are no payments or interest for the entire first year. Plus, you can qualify for up to $4,000 from the government.

Cut 90% off your water heating costs.
Let the sun heat your water for FREE with a solar water heater.
Plus, our circulation pump makes it hot as soon as you turn on the faucet.

Save 38% with heating, cooling and weatherization solutions.
Stay warmer in winter and cooler in summer by adding insulation and sealing windows, doors and ductwork.

Save 8% with our Energy Management System
Our programmable thermostat helps you conserve energy while you sleep and when you're not home. Our remote controlled power switches completely shut off unused electronics so they don't waste energy.

Get the same light using 75% less energy.
Switch to our energy-saving CFL lighting strategy. It's brilliant!

Hurry! Up to $4,000 in tax credits end soon.

Right now, local, state and federal governments, as well as utility companies, offer you generous incentives for making your home more energy efficient. But incentives end soon, so you must act now.

Start with a FREE thermographic energy audit
(a $350 value).

Using a special heat-sensitive camera, we'll show you exactly where your home is losing energy through leaks and inadequate insulation. We'll also analyze your energy use. And we'll suggest energy-saving solutions to help you make an informed decision without any high-pressure sales tactics.

Go with the trusted energy expert

A lot of solar energy companies have come and gone, but SunWorks Solar has been helping Floridians save energy since 1973.

$146 per month in savings
Monthly savings cover monthly payments
Bundled products offer generous discounts
No payments/no interest for 12 months
Superior quality products
Experienced installers
FREE energy audit
Certified installers
Proven solar energy leader since 1973

Start saving with a FREE energy audit (a $350 value).
Call 1-888-654-MYSolar (6976) or click here.

*Savings are based on a $250 electric bill for a 2000 square foot home and family of four. Because every family's needs are different, let us help you determine your actual savings with our FREE energy audit.

Featured Product

OMNISTAR GAS ANALYZER - Fast accurate analysis from % to sub-ppm in a compact, turnkey benchtop system.

OMNISTAR GAS ANALYZER - Fast accurate analysis from % to sub-ppm in a compact, turnkey benchtop system.

The Pfeiffer Vacuum OmniStar benchtop analysis system offers you a compact footprint, powerful software and Ethernet connectivity. It's the optimum solution for many real-time gas analysis applications. With the OmniStar, Pfeiffer Vacuum offers you a complete solution for gas analysis, in chemical processes, semiconductor industry, metallurgy, fermentation, catalysis, laser technology and environmental analysis. The turnkey OmniStar gas analysis system consists of heated, temperature-regulated gas inlet system, Quadrupole mass spectrometer, a dry diaphragm vacuum pump and HiPace turbopump. Unlike competing methods such as FTIR, OmniStar is suitable for qualitative and quantitative analysis of most gases.