World Future Council organizes Power Kick for Africa in Ghana

Solar energy powers unusual World Cup

Hamburg, May 11, 2010. "Our village is so lucky", says Alex Ahwireng, Oboadaka's young Assembly Man, with a smile. Oboadaka is a small village an hour away from Ghana's capital city Accra and is not connected to the national electricity grid. Despite this, roughly 6900 people in Oboadaka and surrounding villages will be able to follow the football World Cup held in South Africa. How? The World Future Council - a Foundation that works to secure the rights of future generations - and cooperation partner Energiebau Sunergy Ghana Ltd. will bring solar energy to Oboadaka to enable open-air public viewings of many World Cup matches.

WFC Councillor Hafsat Abiola-Costello from Nigeria: "We want to show the people that solar power is reliable and can be installed easily and without the need to connect to the national electricity grid. We want to motivate African politicians to support the uptake of renewable energies. The first time the World Cup is hosted by an African nation offers the perfect opportunity to promote the benefits of renewable energy."

Eighty percent of African people are reliant on wood or coal for fuel. This is a serious barrier to development but also a huge opportunity. If Africa succeeds in meeting the necessary development needs with renewable energies such as solar, wind and biomass, a large increase in global carbon emissions could be prevented. This is why the World Future Council is increasing public and political awareness by bringing solar power to Oboadaka. For the same reason, the WFC supports the African Renewable Energy Alliance (AREA), a platform for international cooperation that consists of political decision-makers as well as representatives from business and civil society from numerous African nations.

From June 21 to 23, AREA members will meet in Accra to discuss political implementation tools, finance possibilities and technology in a workshop entitled "Power Kick for Africa". Right after the wrap-up session and final press briefing they will travel to Oboadaka to watch the World Cup match between Ghana and Germany together with the villagers on June 23.

WFC Councillor Hafsat Abiola-Costello: "At the public viewing people will experience the benefits and opportunities of renewable energies and political decision-makers will witness how appreciative local people are to no longer be cut off from global events."

But Oboadaka's good fortune will not end with the World Cup final on July 11. The solar panels will be donated by Energiebau Sunergy Ghana Ltd. and will thus remain in the village to supply the small hospital with a reliable source of electricity. A big help for doctors and nurses who - until now - carry out their work without access to electricity.

World Future Council
The World Future Council brings the interests of future generations to the centre of policy making. Its up to 50 eminent members from around the globe have already successfully promoted change. The Council addresses challenges to our common future and provides decision-makers with effective policy solutions. In-depth research underpins advocacy work for international agreements, regional policy frameworks and national lawmaking and thus produces practical and tangible results. The World Future Council is registered as a charitable foundation in Hamburg, Germany.

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